Deal of a Lifetime – An AAirpass Video Interview

Last Saturday the LA times was the first to report on the “frequent fliers who flew too much” and American’s termination of their unlimited first-class lifetime AAirpasses. ABC World News has the first on-camera interview with Steven Rothstein, one of the program participants who racked up 40 million miles but has since had his pass revoked. Check out the article and attached video for an extremely fascinating story, especially for us mileage and aviation geeks. Imagine paying $350,000 for unlimited first-class travel for life with a companion! Steven flew to New York 1,000 times, LA/London/San Francisco 500 times, Paris 80 times, Sydney 80 times, and Hong Kong 50 times. Mark Cuban, also a pass owner, tells of the policy that guaranteed first class seats and how it sometimes resulted in throwing other confirmed passengers out of first class. Check it all out with the links below.


LA Times Article


  1. looks like AA made a bad bet and is now sour about it…

    Shame that they would publicly attack likely their most loyal and dedicated fans…

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