The Delta Upgrade Maze

Courtesy of the New York Times and their article Have Elite Fliers Been Downgraded?  I am grateful for my Diamond Elite status looking at how the decision tree continues to grow and the chance of an upgrade becomes less and less likely.  However, I do have to say even as a Platinum member in NYC I was upgraded about 90% of the time. What’s your Delta upgrade experience been like recently?  Big thanks to reader Lilly in NY for the link!


  1. Gold out of Atlanta; that status in Atlanta and $1.75 will get me a premium seat on the MARTA train every day. On Delta not so much…

  2. Platinum out of Tampa. Only missed one and a Sunday nonetheless. But I’ve also been buying up fares lately as they have been inexpensive, so hard to say how many more I would have missed.

  3. Gold out of SEA. none for a few DL flights this year, unfortunately. So far, chances were better with AS. I’d say it was 75% with DL last year.

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