Marriott Cash & Points Goes for the Formal Announcement

Today, I finally received an email from Marriott formally announcing the go-live of their cash & points option.  The option has been available on their website for a few months but this is the first official announcement:

Marriott Rewards is now offering you a new way to book your stay online. With Cash + Points, you can combine redemption nights and cash nights within a single reservation of two or more nights. Plus, you’ll still earn points and Elite night credits for your nights paid with cash. With Cash + Points you can extend a business trip with a few days of fun or use just a portion of your points to book a vacation at 3,600+ hotels worldwide. No matter how you mix things up, we’ll help you find the perfect combination. 

Full details here and look for analysis on the Marriott Cash & Points valuations this weekend.


  1. I have seen this for a while on the Marriott website. I think the SPG is better, as you can use it for only one night. I think this just lets you do one night for points and another for money.

  2. I very much agree – the SPG Cash & Points is so simple to use. Why Marriott didn’t offer an almost identical offering is beyond me (“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”).

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