Travelocity Cyber Monday Sale – Up to 50% off Hotels + Additional 10% Off, Combinable with AMEX SYNC $50 off $250

Travelocity’s Black Friday deal continues into Cyber Monday with 50% off on hotel stays in New York, Florida, and Hawaii. A 3 night minimum stay is required to take advantage of the discount and you can apply code TURKEY10 for an additional 10% off the sale price. Combine this sale with the AMEX Sync promo offering a $50 statement credit for hotel purchases of $250 or more with Travelocity. You can sync via Facebook (and searching for Travelocity if it doesn’t automatically appear in the list of available sync promos) or by Tweeting #AmexTravelocity. Remember, you can have separate AMEX cards linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts which will allow you to receive a statement credit on each account.



  1. Neither the Facebook or Twitter Amex Syncs have any promos on hotels that I can find. I also don’t see any search funtion.

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