In case you’ve somehow missed these two easy offers…

Receive 1,000 INSTANT (yes, they post right away) points from BCKSTGR. BCKSTGR is a new company that awards miles when you engage their brand partners online, kicking off in Chicago, New York, and a few other places.

  • Get 400 miles for registering
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Twitter account
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Facebook account
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Foursquare account

The default sign-up site is running extremely slow and getting hammered by new users, try this link instead. Update 9am EST – the site is still getting slammed by so many individuals that it is now giving various error messages throughout the sign-up process.  Try again later in the day when things have hopefully calmed down a bit.

Miles for your Thoughts – We’d like to offer you Miles for your Thoughts! Earn 500 AAdvantage bonus miles just for sharing your thoughts with American Airlines. First, like both the American Airlines and AAdvantage Facebook pages – then answer a few questions!

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13 Responses to “1,000 Free UA Miles & 500 Free AA Miles”

  1. dude26 says:

    BCKSTGR keeps erroring out all the time. Keeps telling me my sign-in info did not match etc…..

  2. LMT says:

    Same issue as dude 26.

  3. Michael Belisle says:

    me too.Error: Unable to complete registration. Please verify your Account and Pin/Password. Thanks you.

  4. T says:

    Same thing is happening to me…error info when inputting my MileagePlus number and PIN.

  5. eponymous coward says:

    Yeah, BCKSTGR is broken.

    How do we know this isn’t some kind of scam to get people’s PINs?

    • adam says:

      @T/ Michael Bellsle / LMT / dude26 – The site is getting hit by so many readers that it is currently down. Hopefully when things calm down the offer will still be live. They obviously weren’t prepared for the frequent flyer community response to 1000 free miles! @eponymous coward – United has confirmed that BCKSTGR is legit. If you are concerned you can change your pin immediately after the miles post (when/if the site comes back up).

  6. Lance A Achart says:

    American Airlines’ Facebook page (link) says page not found. Is there an issue using mobile devices to access the offer?

  7. Colin McHale says:

    Got the 400 sign up points instantly, but none of the social media link points…

  8. jc says:

    I registered trying to get all 1000 miles but only got the sign up bonus of 400. Not sure what the problem is.

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