This is part three of my Singapore Airlines first class trip report to Bali and includes a review of The Private Room, Silver Kris Lounge (Terminal 2), and the final leg from Singapore (SIN) – Bali (DPS).

This ticket (NYC-DPS) was booked during the UA website glitch and ensuing Singapore First Class booking extravaganza back in early July. It cost me 70,000 UA MP miles and $32 USD in taxes.

My plan upon landing in Singapore was to head directly to The Private Room located inside the first class section of the SilverKris lounge in terminal three. I had a 3 1/2 layover until my flight departed for Bali from terminal two. However, due to the assorted hiccups on the IAH-DME and DME-SIN legs, I was directed to the customer service reps inside the first class section of the Silver Kris lounge in terminal two. Unfortunately, terminal two was a train ride and short walk from where my flight arrived in terminal three. I documented my meeting with customer service in the last report so I won’t repeat that again. Since I was already inside the SilverKris terminal two lounge, I decided to take a quick look at the first class section…but I’ll get to that at the bottom of this entry. First, let’s move on to The Private Room!

The SilverKris lounge in terminal three has a shared entrance for all classes including the business class, first class, and The Private Room (TPR). Getting into TPR was like getting into a club in NYC, there were “bouncers” all along the way. I first presented my boarding pass to the agent at the door in order to access the first class lounge.

Once at the first class lounge I was met by another agent who then checked my ticket again and then had a waiting server escort me inside to TPR, who also checked my ticket. This last agent looked like a bouncer at the end of a long hallway and was just waiting at her desk to check credentials.

So what credentials do you need to access TPR? The concept was originally designed for full fare first class passengers but later allowed for any first class passengers flying on Singapore Airlines. All first class passengers on alliance partners and Kris Flyer top level elite members are sent to the normal first class lounge. As I was walked into TPR, I was asked if I was hungry. I really wasn’t that hungry after two long-haul Singapore flights with a total of four meals, but it didn’t hurt to check out the private dining treatment. I was escorted to my own table and presented with a menu of nine items. You can order as many items as you like as well as any drinks. Choices included: fresh eggs (prepared to your liking), waffles, dim sum, eggs benedict, Shanghainese noodles with pork in hot & sour soup, Singapore french toast, duck congee, fried carrot cake, and roti prata. While waiting for your meal you are offered a selection of different newspapers and magazines, I opted for some online browsing instead (very fast wifi).

The tables are really nice and the room is very quiet, a Point Me to the Plane reader described it as “sophisticated cool”, I agree and in fact the whole lounge felt that way. There was another server who literally stood over my table with a bottle of Perrier, refilling my drink as soon as I took a sip. He never left the table for the entire length of my meal. I decided to go with the french toast which was citrus flavored with mango coulis. It was excellent! There is also a small buffet within the dining room where you can help yourself to assorted fruits, yogurts, pastries, meats, and veggies.

Once you are done with your meal you are escorted to an area of your choosing. All of the furniture is extremely comfortable and the lounge is amazingly decorated. I opted for one of the window areas which includes two leather chairs (each with 4 outlets), a table, two lamps, and a great view. My Perrier man continued checking on me every few moments. Additionally, the head server had a list of all passengers and their flight times. He came over to me twice to tell me I should start heading to my gate. He was very nice (and concerned) but I felt his timing was a little too conservative. I stayed about 15 minutes longer and he looked like he might have a heart attack. As I left, both servers walked me out and said goodbye (they both had my name down perfectly).

The bathrooms included multiple showers and changing areas.

There’s even a kids room in TPR.

I think this is the nicest lounge I have ever been to, it definitely is the best service I’ve ever had inside a lounge. My previous favorites were the Emirates lounges in Dubai, but I was only a lowly business class passenger on those trips ;-)

OK, so back to the regular SilverKris first class lounge in terminal two. The lounge was very nice and included a huge selection of breakfast items. If you are looking for variety, you may prefer the regular first class lounge over TPR.

There’s an omelet station as well, I ordered an egg while omelet with peppers, mushrooms, avocado, and feta.

Now, you must stay tuned for the Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200 Singapore (SIN) – Bali (DPS) review up tonight. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced on any flight. We are talking multiple sick passengers in the aisles as a result of the previous IAH-DME-SIN flights…

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  1. rick says:

    Adam, is this room for 1st class departures only or also arrivals? thanks!

    • adam says:

      @rick – I believe the room is only for 1st class departures, not arrivals. However, you may want to check directly with Singapore.

  2. clayd333 says:

    I agree TPR was quite an experience. You feel like a celebrity walking by the business lounge then the 1st class lounge to the Private Room. There were only 3 or 4 other passengers in the room for our SQ2 flight home…

  3. Benny says:

    I’ll be able to experience that this weekend!

    So we’re able to go to the TPR room and the first class lounge if we choose?

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  7. I have flown JFK-DPS on SQ: JFK-SIN first class; SIN-DPS business class(no first class offered). Upon arrival in SIN I was not permitted access to the first class lounge since I was departing SIN in business class. Your experience was quite different. It seems SQ is treating TPR and the first class lounge as an arrival lounge as well as a departure lounge. Since I am planning another first-class/business-class trip to DPS on SQ, please explain how you gained access to TPR and the first class lounge prior to your business-class flight to DPS. Thank you.

    • adam says:

      @William Martin – How long ago was your last trip? When the rules were relaxed for TPR from the exclusive full fare first class passenger limitation, they also began allowing arriving first class passengers with a connection flight to access the lounge.

  8. Adam, thank you for your clarification regarding TPR serving as a departure lounge and an arrival lounge. Do you know if TPR is open 24 hours? Thanks.

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