Delta Customer Service – Goes Above & Beyond…

For all the complaining we do about the SkyMiles program (all justified of course), I’ve found that Delta truly does shine in terms of customer service. About a month ago, I had to actually check a bag when flying Delta on the way home from a long trip away. Upon picking up my bag at LGA, I noticed that the non-retractable handle was completely missing. Now, this wasn’t a new bag, but it was in very good condition and there was no reason that the handle should have broken off. The baggage desk at LGA had me file a claim and then instructed me of my two options. I could ship it to a Delta authorized luggage repair center or I could receive an estimated repair bill from a local shop and submit that estimate to Delta for approval. Either option was going to take at least two weeks, yet I had another flight only five days later. Upon returning home, I called Delta’s baggage service number and asked if I could instead just buy another bag and submit the receipt for reimbursement. After explaining the situation and why the two other options wouldn’t work, I was told that I could proceed with my purchase. I purchased a new bag online (mileage mall) and submitted the receipt to Delta last Monday. Today, I already received confirmation that they processed payment for the total cost of the new bag, $239.45. Wow, way to go Delta!


  1. Great to read a story with a positive outcome – I’ve had one delayed bag and one damaged bag on DL in a few years of > 100K flying, and each time DL took care of me. FWIW, as a DL FF, I don’t share your disdain for DL’s program and I’m one of those who is quite happy flying DL. Everytime I’ve been on AA (or worse, UA) it’s a night and day difference.

  2. I have had excellent customer service from AA as well. And their program is the best. Very loyal AA here.

    Delta is a good airline, friendly staff. But having to go thru ghetto Atlanta airport, or having to deal with Skymiles is a major flaw in my opinion.

  3. now that DL gets $200 per change…hahaha

    The only bad baggage experience I have had was on WN where the bag was clearly broken, but they wouldnt replace it or even let me file a complaint because the damage included a wheel (in addition to a giant tear down the side).

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