AA’s – Where Would You Go with Unlimited AAdvantage Miles?

“Round the Word” is winning in American’s poll that asks customers where they’d go with unlimited AAdvantage miles. As answers can be written in, the other top spots go to a US state (Hawaii), a European city (London), an entire country (New Zealand), and an Australian city (Sydney). See the full results and add vote for your favorite here (Facebook required).



  1. It is becoming world of fantasy!!! There is no such thing as free lunch, even AA will cut you off when they realized you are using your free anywhere with miles usage too frequently.:-)

  2. Weird that people say Hawaii. It isn’t even very expensive to buy a ticket there. Talk about low expectations!

  3. @Scott, must be those people in the middle of the country or on the East Coast who view Hawaii as a “once in a lifetime” trip. RTW 2 or 3 times for me, for sure. Would give me some great material to blog about for the next couple years too and give Lucky a run for his money 🙂

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