United to Launch Larger Stretch 787 Dreamliner and A350 Jets

United is set to become the US launch customer for expanded variants of the B787 Dreamliner and A350 long-haul jets. According, to Bloomberg, United “will modify a 2009 order to take 25 wide-body A350-1000s instead of the smaller -900 variant as once planned. United also will convert options for a couple dozen A350s and Dreamliners into firm orders, with the Boeing jets being the new 787-10X model. The -1000s seat 350 passengers in a typical three-class configuration, compared with 314 for the A350-900. The 787-10X will seat about 43 more people than the 250 to 290 passengers on the 787-9, Boeing has said.”  Full article here...

Fun fact – US Airways and Hawaiian are the only other US airlines with A350s on order.




  1. makes sense …. with this change, UA is definitely targeting the 787-9 to be the replacement of 772ERs for pacific

    most TATL trunk ops will be 787-10

    A350-1000 and 777-9x will replace 744

    and 787-8 will be used for 763/764 replacement as well as new route development

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