AA Updates American Way In-Flight Magazine with New Fleet & Destination Graphics & Details

For the first time in years, American has updated their in-flight magazine, American Way, with new aircraft fleet and destination graphics. You can check out an online copy of the July issue here. Future Airbus deliveries are not yet included in the fleet guide.





  1. It is disappointing that they didn’t put the route lines on the destination maps, it would convey so much more information and make the graphic far more interesting.

  2. Following the advice of this month’s issue of the American Airlines Nexos magazine, we (four people) paid the “obligatory visit” to the San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires (page 80) just to be violently attacked, beaten up, injured and robbed at 3:00pm after walking just one block. The police took over 30 minutes to arrive and all the people who came to our rescue -including the police- said this was one of the most dangerous sites in the city. Had some comments on the security situation of the neighborhood been given, we would have certainly taken a different route.

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