Zipcar – $75 Free Car Driving Credit, Waived Annual Fee

This is one of the best offers I’ve seen yet for joining Zipcar. Waived annual fee, no application fee, and $75 worth of driving credit! Thanks to Rokket at SlickDeals for posting the offer:

As a special offer just for IKEA FAMILY members, create a new Zipcar account, and receive a $75 credit towards your first zip.

  1. Join IKEA family here (free membership). IKEA family membership has lots of benefits: free coffee, product discounts, price protection, etc.
  2. Create a Zipcar account here and get $75 free driving, waived annual fee, and no application fee!


This is much better than the standard offer that includes a one time $25 application fee and $60 annual fee:


Ikea Family

Update 1 – 8:45am EST – Link is no longer clickable
Update 2 – 9:05am EST – Link is working again, but now $75 credit without waived fees 🙁
Update 3 – 9:15am EST – Link is clickable, but now directs to a generic sign-up page. Appears DEAD…


  1. According to one poster on Slickdeals, this still works. I’m not sure what the point of registering for a free membership at IKEA because the link to get $75 credit on Zipcar does not asks for IKEA membership number. Am I missing something? Because all I got was a $25 credit and no fees waived.

  2. For all it’s worth, the promotion code that was automatically applied was WEBPTZ2Z

    But that’s only a $25 credit. If there is a different promotion code for the $75 credit and waived application fee, please post it here.

  3. Actually I tried again and this time the promo code that was automatically applied is IKEA75.z1z

    This gave my a $75 credit but the $25 application fee is still not waived.

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