Delta Citi Visa Debit Card for Lost & Damaged Luggage

I wouldn’t call it fun, but it really wasn’t that horrible of a process either. Delta recently damaged one of my suitcases, somehow completely removing a non-removable handle. I made my first trip ever to a baggage claim office and the LGA station was actually quite helpful. They scanned the bar code on my ticket, gave me a form to fill out, and said I could leave the bag with them to have it fixed or send it off to their third party repairer at my leisure via a prepaid label. I informed them that I didn’t have time for that as I needed the suitcase for another trip within the week.  They told me to send an online message to baggage customer care with the incident number and a brief summary of my concern. I did just that and within 24 hours had a response to send in an estimate for a local repair or a receipt for the original bag. A few days later I received a confirmation approval email, followed two weeks later by a Delta Visa debit card and apology letter in the mail. The card was pre-loaded for the exact amount requested and even had online access to track the card balance. Not bad at all…though I hope to not have to utilize the service again.



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