Top 10 Hotels & Resorts in the United States

We do a lot of these “best of” lists which seem to skew towards global properties, but yet a lot of readers enjoy trips within the US as well. Today, we have CN’s “Top 10 Hotels & Resorts in the US”, though unfortunately only 1 of the 10 properties accepts points and the redemption value proposition for that hotel is pretty horrible. You may also find yourself Googling Sea Island (if your unfamiliar with the locale)…home to 2 of the top 10 properties.

Check out the full US list here and comment with what properties you think should have made the list!

Cloister Sea Island


  1. Best list a very subjective and should not even be done at all.

    If one has to be done one can be a bit more specific.

    Saying these hotels are the best 10 in the US is very very vague.

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