10,000 Miles & More Miles with Economist Subscription

The Economist is running a promotion for new subscriptions whereby you’ll receive 10,000 Lufthansa Miles & More miles for signing up for a one year subscription. At a price of $160 (1.6 cents per mile), this is certainly long from being one of the best purchase deals, but it’s not horrible if perhaps you have some orphan Lufthansa miles.  Of course, with Lufthansa’s ridiculous fuel surcharges you won’t be using these for any US-European flights, though they could be of use for a one-way domestic United First Class flight priced at 17,000 miles.

HT – Mighty Travels

Update – Unfortunately the price in the link has now jumped back up to $300 making this no deal at all.  Please comment below if you are able to somehow obtain the old pricing. Sorry guys!

Economist Lufthansa 10K


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