1. You might want to give credit to View from the Wing and to Greg L who posted this offer way before you. Not very nice to take credit for something someone else posted first.

    • @jared – I’ve been traveling for the last few weeks and haven’t had time to read any of the blogs including the ones you mention. Offer taken directly from European based co-worker’s email and known to many more individuals than the two you list…

  2. I love that BoardingArea complies a great list of experts, but it’s bothersome to me when I see these snarky comments on who’s scooping whom and who’s hat-tipping whom. There’s never any way to figure out how anyone found out about these deals (or self-sourced), and it almost feels like a competition rather than a nice community. I wholeheartedly agree that proper credit needs to be given when quoting a truly awesome deal, but on a higher level, I submit that most of us readers subscribe to everyone on the platform, so there’s really no need to copy and paste/quote each other on the BoardingArea platform.

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