For the last four years Alaska Airlines Board Rooms have featured pancake printing machines. Imagine an office printer but instead of paper, you get fluffy, delicious pancakes. I’ve never had access to one of the Board Rooms before, but a very delayed flight to EWR this week changed all that when a pass was thrown my way!

You can find the machines in each of Alaska Airlines’ four Board Room locations, in Seattle, Anchorage, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. The pancake didn’t taste unique in any way, but it was very yummy and according to the signage in the lounge – “the pancake mix is made with fresh, healthy and all-natural ingredients.”

Worth a one-day pass, definitely not. Fun if you happen to be in the lounge and haven’t seen one of these before, for sure!

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6 Responses to “Finally, My First Alaska Airlines Printed Pancake!”

  1. There was one at the Holiday Inn Express I stayed at recently as well.

  2. James Dozer says:

    I seriously loved that video. I was gonna give you kudus for the dramatic music but then saw that it was an Alaska Air video.

  3. Jason says:

    Trying to figure out why these are all the rage lately. I’ve stayed at several mid/low-budget hotels which have these as part of the continental breakfast. They are fun for the kids, but not culinary wonders.

  4. I’ve seen these overseas and last month at SEA, sadly I’ve always just eaten so haven’t tried them yet. Looks like fun and doesn’t need to be gourmet just better than the food they serve on the plane.

  5. Scott says:

    Like Points with a Crew, I have seen them at multiple Holiday Inn Express locations. Agree with you it’s not worth a day pass.

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