Reminder – Marriott & Hilton Cancellation Policy Changes for 2015

Here’s a strange one. I have a work trip the first week of January and I’ll be staying at a domestic Marriott. When I made the reservation the cancellation policy was 6PM day of arrival. However, when I went to check the reservation toady, it’s now listed as the day prior to arrival! I called the hotel directly who told me it’s an error, but I’m wondering if Marriott is getting ready to implement their new cancelation policy. As was widely reported back in November, both Hilton and Marriott announced stricter rules on last-minute reservation cancellations beginning in 2015:

Effective Jan. 1, if you don’t cancel your reservation by the day before your scheduled arrival, you’ll be charged a penalty of one night’s room rate. “We’re making this change so we can provide you with a more consistent booking process and make more rooms available for when you need last-minute travel accommodations,” Hilton said in their statement.

Error or not, I guess we can use this as a reminder to check the cancellation policy for all bookings we make in 2015. Corporate bookings are not excluded. Many negotiated rates will include the one day prior stipulation! Also, remember these are only the last minute cancellation rules. Some brands within the chains already have more restrictive policies. Any bookings made under the old policies prior to 2015 should not be impacted so check your reservations.

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