What I learned Flying Aboard the World’s Crappiest Airline…in business

A trip report for Kuwait Airways? Not something we normally find on BoardingArea, but definitely quite a bit different than those reports for other ME carriers. The JFK-LHR route, which connects onwards to Kuwait (KWI), is operated by 2 aircraft – the A340 and B777. Neither is decked out with the latest amenities or goodies.  As per Gary Shteyngart’s from Travel + Leisure, the lounge is nothing to write home about either.  Thanks to T+L for sharing!

When I was told I was flying to an Indian literary festival via Kuwait Airways, I was ready to arrive in style. Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways—the region is known for its luxurious, pampered version of air travel. Perhaps Kuwait Airways would have a new Airbus A380 with an onboard lounge? High-thread-count bathrobes? Personal air butlers? In any case, I hoped the wine menu would have a nice dry Riesling to help me ease into a different climate, and, heck, some free spa products would be nice.

When I arrived at JFK, I approached a plane so tired-looking it might as well have been a Douglas DC-3. The blue and white livery sported nothing more than the airline’s name and an unidentifiable bird—speculation on the Internet ranges between crane, stork, falcon, and “big chicken.” Once aboard, I entered a retro color scheme combining the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I half expected the Persian Gulf version of the cast of Mad Men to appear.

Check out the remainder of the review here.


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