How Much Do Flight Attendants Make?

New flight attendants who work for major carriers start out making $18,000-$20,000 a year. Flight attendants at smaller airlines and regional carriers? They make even less. Despite the reputation of the job, there’s nothing glamorous about life as a flight attendant, especially in the first few years.

I couldn’t obtain any re-publishing rights besides the few sentences above and below, but check out the entire very interesting (but not surprising) Monday morning read from flight attendant Heather Poole over at Mashable.

The airlines won’t tell you that, though. Ask, and they’ll refer to some stat about the median annual wage: $40,000. Sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it? Something else they won’t tell you is how long it takes to make that kind of money working a regular schedule, or the kind of flying it takes to get there when you have less than 10 years with a carrier.


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  1. Then don’t pick it as a career if you are that concerned about the money?

    I understand that $18-20k/year isn’t much money, but flight attendants know that going in. Benefits are good, don’t do it for the money.

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