Delta to Offer Upgrades to Private Jets for All Medallions!

As early as this week, Medallion elites will be offered private jet upgrades from $300-$800 depending on destination according to Bloomberg.  “This is truly a groundbreaking new approach from both industry standpoints,” said James Murray, vice president of operations at Delta Private Jets (DPJ). “Nobody else can do what we’re talking about doing.”

Initially, only Delta’s top customers—those at the highest “Diamond Medallion” level, were going to be invited to purchase the upgrades. But the company has spent several months tweaking its model and decided to expand the pool of potential customers by opening it to people at the lowest elite tier. Most of the upgrades will involve travel scheduled the next day, although Delta Private Jets said it would have some flights that offer travelers as much as 48 hours’ notice.

Check out the full details from Bloomberg here.

Delta Private jet

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