United Expands Their Bar in the Sky – Now Serving Buffalo Trace and Moscow Mules

United is expanding their bar in the sky, and thereby making your flight experience with them a little more pleasurable! From the Chicago Tribune article:

The airline is trying to up its drink game, announcing Thursday that it would expand its selections to include Chicago-based Crafthouse Cocktails’ Moscow Mule, a vodka and ginger beer premixed cocktail, on United-operated flights in North and Central America.

It will also add Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on flights worldwide.

Passengers can buy a 200-milliliter bottle, enough for two servings, United says, of Crafthouse’s Moscow Mule for $12.99. A 50-milliliter miniature bottle of Buffalo Trace will be complimentary in premium cabins and $8.99 in economy class.

The Mules will also be complimentary on tonight’s flights from Chicago to Denver, Washington, Houston and Newark.



  1. While Buffalo Trace is a nice addition, when will UA (and AA and DL) serve something better than Dewars White Label? Bring back the Glenlivet we had for a short while (and that BA manages to serve), but please get rid of that rot gut Scotch!

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