Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card If You Are An AT&T Wireless Customer

If you’re willing to share a little personal information with Ting (a pay-as-you-go like cell phone company), they want to buy your Starbucks coffee this morning.  You have to be an AT&T wireless customer, and must enter your phone’s IMEI number, your phone number, and an email address where you want the $5 gift card emailed to.

Free Starbucks


Their website says:

Ting mobile service is a simple idea that is saving people a lot of money on their monthly cell phone bills. Check your AT&T phone to see if it will work on Ting and we’ll give you a $5 Starbucks gift card, no strings attached.

It seemed simple.  On their web form, I entered in the IMEI number of an old, de-activated AT&T phone I had not used in years, and I had no issue with going through.  The $5 Starbucks cards are supposed to be emailed out later this week.

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