Ridesharing Surpasses Taxis, Rental Cars on the Decline as Uber and Lyft Gain Ground

With the new economy quickly becoming the norm, data from the SpendSmart Q3 2015 report indicates business travelers now prefer ridesharing services to taxis across the US. Trends also reveal how ridesharing providers like Uber and Lyft are beginning to gain ground on rental cars. Click to enlarge any of the infographics below.

Rideshare1 Rideshare2 Rideshare3 Rideshare4 Rideshare5 Rideshare6



  1. Yep. As of about 3 years ago, due to “ridesharing” I no longer rent a car when in Boston and love it. Saves me hundreds of $$ a year (though most of my rental costs in Boston were related to parking)

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