Lyft Plans to Allow You to Rent a Car and Drive for Money Thanks to G.M.

This morning, General Motors announced that they have invested $500 million in Lyft.  What makes this story particularly interesting is not just that G.M. has chosen to provide financial support for Lyft, but they have also committed to developing an autonomous on-demand network of self-driving cars.  Other tech giants have taken efforts to develop similar concepts, including Google, Tesla, and Lyft’s competitor, Uber.


In addition, G.M. also is reported to be working with Lyft in order to set up short-term car rental locations in the United States where people who do now own their own vehicles can rent a car and drive for Lyft.  This is certainly a shift from the model developed by companies like zipcar, which allow for short-term rentals, but certainly do not allow you to drive those vehicles for commercial purposes.

Also, G.M. plans to improve Lyft integration with their vehicles, including those that have OnStar services,.


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