United Peed Inside Luggage Says Passenger – Clothing and Lining Soaked

A passenger who flew United from Newark (EWR) to San Francisco (SFO) last week claims that someone urinated inside her luggage, soaking her clothing and the lining of her suitcase. She says the stains were yellow and reeked of pee. She returned to SFO with the bag and filed a complaint. United told her that it was not pee and that someone would get back to her. TMZ reached out to UA who said that there was no evidence or smell or pee, but that they will pay for a new bag as a gesture of good will.

You can see the pictures here



  1. I could think of a case where a suitcase accidentally becomes open, a cat jumps in (they love luggage!), and marks it.
    I’ve had cats pee on my checked in luggage during flights in China, although not inside.
    Cats are great for rodent control in airports or even in onboard the cargo hold, but male cats tend to mark your luggage if they smell other cats on them 🙁

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