People Are Paying How Much For A Barf Bag!?

No, this is not a joke. People are actually spending real money to purchase vintage barf bags. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that there are a number of collectors who love to collect vintage vomit bags from airlines that no longer operate. In case you didn’t know (and I sure didn’t), these collectors prefer to be called baggists.


The Wall Street Journal spoke to a gentleman named Walter Brinker who mentioned that some of the rarer barf bags will sell for up to $500! It is believed that a Dutch collector spent $500 for an 89-year-old barf bag from the French airline Farman Airways.


Another example of a popular bag is from Finnaviation. This unique barf bag has a reindeer throwing up ice cubes.

What is the funnest barf bag you have encountered?


  1. No comments on this one yet huh?

    I haven’t bought any but I have kept a few BA ones over the years. I keep them in my car seatback pockets…

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