Inside a Hijack: The Unheard Stories of the Pan Am 73 Crew

On September 5, 1986, Pan Am Flight 73, a B747-121 was hijacked on the ground at Karachi airport by four armed Palestinian men of the Abu Nidal Organization. The plane with 361 passengers and 19 crew had just arrived from Mumbai and was heading to JFK via Frankfurt. Security forces laid siege to the plane for 16 hours and the hijack ended sadly with 22 people killed and about 150 injured.

Almost 30 years later, six of the plane’s crew have spoken to the media for the first time. The BBC has that story here which we were not allowed to re-publish excerpts.


  1. There is a recent movie made on the heroic act of the purser Neerja Banot. It is a very good movie to watch. The movie is named after the purser, Neerja.

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