Uber & Taxi Drivers Now Face A Maximum Hours on Road Cap – Is This Fair?

For many Uber and taxi drivers, being able to drive long hours is the only way that they can make a sustainable living. Recently, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to change their shift regulations.

These new regulations affect all of the city’s taxi cabs, and their for-hire cars (including Uber) as they try to combat driver fatigue. Beginning November 2016, all drivers will be limited to driving 12 hours within a 24 hour time span, and to a total of 72 hours per week. Violating these regulations could result in fines being levied against the driver, and/or their suspension.

Capping driver shifts is believed to be a response to a November 2015 event in which a taxi driver hit an 88-year-old woman during an 18 hour shift. In addition, Uber has cut their fares on a number of occasions, resulting in drivers who driver more and more in order to make their income.

A taxi driver (Samkar Padder) previously told the New York Times “this is an injustice, without 14 hours, you can’t make $400 a day. Without that money, I cannot feed my family.”

What are your thoughts on limiting how long drivers are allowed to drive for?



  1. Sounds very reasonable to me. I don’t want a driver that has been driving for more than 12 hours. Heck I think 10 would even be a reasonable number. If Uber drivers don’t feel they make enough $$ then they should stop driving. No driver = no Uber, and I’m sure Uber will quickly give drivers a bigger chunk of the pie

  2. Railroad and airline employees in some positions have a federally mandated hours of service law. Signal maintainers if they work 12 hours straight must have a mandatory 10 hours off. If they go on duty at 7:30 am you know they will be home no later than 8 pm. If they go in at 7:30 a.m work to 4 pm. Then they get called back out to work at 9 pm and work until timing out at 1 a.m. they must then have 10 hours consecutive off so the start time of work would be 11 a.m. They recieve pay from the normal start time to 11 a.m

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