United Awards 15 Million Miles to College Student for Bug Bounty Program

Georgia Tech student Ryan Pickren is officially the most successful contributor to United’s Bug Bounty Program, which offers miles for finding website security flaws. He’s collected a total of 15 million miles to date!

“I first started working with United because I was about to leave the state for an internship and I wanted frequent flyer miles so I could see my girlfriend back in [Atlanta] on the weekends,” Pickren tells Business Insider. “But I quickly realized how fun looking for bugs was so I just kept at it.”

Pickren’s is still in school and of course majoring in computer engineering. He’s actually donated 5M miles to his school to be used by campus organizations.

Business Insider has more details on Pickren’s bounty success.

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UA Bug Bounty


  1. I wonder what he thinks of his tax bill? 40% of $.02 per mile is .$008 per mile. Considering they are worth about $.014, he only netted $.006 per mile, and he likely had to cough up about $80,000 in taxes. That could be a lot of cash for a college student!

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