American Plane Caught Fire in Chicago, Just Hours After O’Hare Fire Drill

An American Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft had a blown tire while taxiing this afternoon. The pilots aborted take off, and the right engine reportedly caught fire. Emergency slides were deployed, and officials said all crew and passengers were able to evacuate safely. The flight involved was AA 383, scheduled to fly from Chicago O’Hare to Miami.

Chicago O’Hare is currently at a ground stop, until the disabled aircraft can be removed from the runway (28R). Just hours earlier, there was a fire drill at O’Hare, which led to some confusion over American’s (very real) incident.

Here is a video showing part of the evacuation process. On an unrelated note, kudos to the user for filming once outside the plane, since any filming inside would only have delayed the evacuation process.

FAA issued a statement on Twitter, notifying passengers to expect delays at Chicago. Flyers are encouraged to check with their airline regarding schedule changes and alternative options.

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