Alaska Mileage Plan Matches Virgin Elite Status – Now MVP Gold + Found Miles

Wow, my Virgin America Elevate status match from early 2016 has really paid off these last several months. I originally matched as work had me flying to Vegas from New York on Virgin America and I wanted to upgrade to First (Elevate Gold members can purchase discounted First Class upgrades beginning 24 hours before departure).

A few months later, JetBlue was offering a points match with Virgin. I ended up earning 75K JetBlue points for 2.5 hours and $99.

Then this morning, that same Virgin America Elevate status resulted in my Mileage Plan account being upgraded to MVP Gold status, much sooner than I had expected. Thanks Virgin!

I received an email from Alaska informing me of the new status and offering the choice of 10K miles or $100 off an Alaska operated flight. Now, I had already previously received the 10K bonus a few days earlier and the website seemed to be aware. I was not able to select either option. Although this was a new Mileage Plan number, the system recognized that I had a previous account and I had to call in to complete the MVP Gold upgrade.

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-4-25-29-pm screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-3-34-17-pm

Upon calling in, I was directed to a super nice agent who told me that I had been awarded the 10K miles, though I could revert back to the $100 discount if I wanted. I stuck with the miles. In addition, she performed a few account searches and found several old and expired accounts with 1-3,000 miles in them! She moved those into the new account as well.

About 10 minutes later I received the email below with the new MVP Gold status.


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  1. Hey Adam, Did the same status match and also have been so surprised at the upside for Elevate members during the acquisition. I’m curious did you receive the 2 for 25% off promo codes when you were approved for the match? It’s been the one part of the status match Virgin has been slow to get to me.

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