Trump Organization Launching New Hotel Chain – “American Idea”

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump announced the launch of a new hotel chain that was inspired by their Dad’s travels along the campaign trail. The mid-market chain will be known as “American Idea” and will begin with three properties in Mississippi. The AP notes that the brand will use local artifacts and materials to capture the history and heritage of the region. The Trumps are also opening the “Scion” brand hotel, a four-star offering in cities that could not support a full Trump luxury build.

The four Mississippi hotels for both chains will be owned by Chawla Hotels. The Trump Organization will get management and franchise fees for the new ventures. Chawla Hotels owns 17 hotels under various franchise names. The Scion hotel will be built from the ground up in Cleveland, Mississippi, in the Delta region that has a substantial blues music tourism industry. The three American Idea hotels will also be in the Delta, one each in Cleveland, Clarksdale and Greenville.

Full details here.


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