Plane Weird! Passengers Share Pics of Strangest Things Witnessed During a Flight

This list comes courtesy of notorious barefoot passenger shaming site PassengerShaming and The Daily Mail. They asked people to share the strangest things they’ve encountered while flying. There’s the always famous picture of the unruly passenger on a KEF-JFK flight who was restrained and gagged with duct tape as well as the man who brought 80 birds with him on his flight. We were not allowed to republish the gallery, but you can check it out here.

You guys! It’s almost hump day!! Guten tag, @lufthansa ✈️ #isaidgooddaysir FYI: He’s not a #nevernude

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And in other news, even a duck can keep their shoes on… ✈️#andtheirfeetareevenonthefloor [SEE COMMENTS ON PREVIOUS PHOTO]

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