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BREAKING: American Airlines Starting Flights to Havana November 28, Beating United By One Day

American Airlines' inaugural flight to Havana is now bookable on

In July 2016, when the DOT approved flights to Havana, American Airlines came out as a bit of a winner. They were allotted five daily flights: 4 from Miami and 1 from Charlotte. That is hardly surprising, considering Cuban-Americans make up 54% of the city’s population. We recently reported that United will be launching direct…

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American Airlines Pilots Worried On-Time Performance for AA about to Get Worse

American finished behind Delta, United, and Southwest in on-time performance during the busy summer travel period and pilots at the airline are concerned that it could get worse on Saturday. The airline will transition to a single flight operating system (FOS) on October 1st. The Chicago Business Journal explains that the AA and US fleets will operate…

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American Says Gulf Carriers Should Not Be Allowed to Fly Europe-US, Anger over Emirates US Gov Contract


American CEO Doug Parker told reporters earlier this month that his biggest concern with regards to the Gulf carriers is their ability to operate flights from outside their home region. Currently, that includes only the fifth freedom Milan – New York JFK flight operated by Emirates. That specific flight became a real point of contention…

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A Trick to Earn AA Miles by Distance and “Bypass” EQD Requirements (Without Flying Partner Airlines)


Prior to August 1, American awarded miles based on the distance your flight. 1 butt-in-seat mile = 1 award mile, with bonus for elite members. As you may know, American now awards miles by fare paid, not distance flown. The dollar amount eligible for miles accrual only includes the base fare and carrier-imposed fees (i.e. government…

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Cuba Says AA Cuban-American Flight Crews Can’t Enter Country / Overnight


Well, this is an interesting problem for American Airlines, the Cuban government is refusing entry and thereby overnight privileges to any Cuban-American AA flight crew member as per the Miami Herald. American didn’t discover this until their first re-established flight to Varadero. On that flight a Cuban-American was denied entry on grounds that he did not have…

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American Airlines Posts Behind the Scenes for New Uniform Photoshoot

American Airlines New Uniform (2016)

I wrote on Monday about American rolling out its new uniform, the first major change since the 1980s. I just flew with American yesterday, and the crew was sharp with this new look. Uniforms can be hard to design, especially in the airline industry. They have to cover a variety of weather conditions, and stand up to heavy…

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Up to 30,000 Bonus Miles to Europe with American, but Check British Airways’ Promotion First

British Airways regional "Business Class"

American Airlines has just launched a promotion, whereby you can earn up to 30,000 AAdvantage miles by flying roundtrip to Europe on oneworld carriers. Of course, to earn the top 30,000 miles you’d have to be flying in First Class, but even those purchasing discounted Economy fares can get in on the promo. You can earn…

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