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Loved the Reconfigured AA 767-300 Business Class to Europe – HUGE Improvement!

767 AA

I was on an American Airlines reconfigured 767-300 in business class for my flight to Rome earlier this week and I can’t overstate how much of an improvement the experience was over the non refurbished 767s in AA’s fleet. The configuration (and colors) were extremely similar to SWISS (Trip Report – SWISS Business JFK-Zurich(ZRH) A330…

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Issues with iPads Ground American Airlines Flights

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.21.55 PM

Whoops! In 2013, American Airlines completely transitioned to an “Electronic Flight Bag” program, whereby pilots receive iPads with all flight manuals pre-loaded, effectively eliminating the need to carry over 3,000 pages of documents onto each flight. They were the first in the industry to do so and the transition began in 2012. It looks like some of those…

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American Pilots Join other Employees in Hating New Uniforms…

AA New Uniforms

Over the last few months, American has been testing new uniforms across all work groups. We’ve previously heard complaints from flight attendants and gate staff over the new designs, but pilots are now voicing their dislike as well. Pilots say the uniforms fit poorly, have insufficient pockets, and are more uncomfortable than the 20+ year old uniform they are…

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Double Dipping w/ AA 10% Citi & Barclays Cardholder Rebate…not so much!

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.14.27 PM

I recently redeemed 37,500 AAdvantage miles for an award with AA. I have both the legacy US Airways Barclays card as well as a Citi AAdvantage card. I figured only one card would apply the 10% redemption rebate on the award, so I was surprised when I browsed to my recent account activity and saw two separate transactions…

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DOT: Delta Can Keep SEA-HND…but it’s AA’s if the flight isn’t operated daily!

DL Asia

The DOT has completed their review of Delta’s SEA-HND slots after formal requests from both American and Hawaiian. The decision states that Delta will get to maintain their daily slot pair in the interest of “consumer competition”, however they will have new requirements placed upon them including operating the flight 7 days a week, 365 days…

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