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Delta Raised $450M Last Week – Stake in WestJet & Purchase of Boeing/Airbus Single Aisle Jets?

Last week, Delta raised $450M on the debt market, sparking rumors about what the airline plans to do with the cash. The airline’s statement simply read the capital would be used for “general corporate purposes”. There’s of course the purchase of 75-100 single-aisle jets from Boeing or Airbus that CEO Ed Bastian told Business Insider…

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Delta Eliminates Free Checked Bag on Transatlantic Flights in Basic Economy

Delta will no longer offer a free checked bag on flights between US and Europe or North Africa in Basic Economy.

Basic Economy seems to be undergoing an inevitable expansion. United and American are rapidly expanding the markets in which they offer Basic Economy, and Delta has began expanding the product to international flight since late 2015. Earlier this year, we did a product comparison between Basic Economy on the three legacy US airlines.  Delta came…

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BREAKING: Delta Adds Fuel Surcharges on Europe Awards Originating in the US

UPDATE: A Skymiles representative has reached out via Flyertalk and has indicated that the surcharges were an error and all surcharges have been removed as was the case before this morning (H/T: edcho). Historically, US Airlines have never added fuel surcharges on flights on their own metal.  While it is standard practice for European and…

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Passengers Caught Having Oral Sex on Delta Flight, Just Met On-Board, 20 Year Age Gap

Talk about in-flight entertainment! On a Delta flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Detroit (DTW) on Sunday, a 48-year-old female was caught performing oral sex on a 28-year-old man while both remained in their assigned seats. The incident apparently occurred mid-flight and both passengers had just met on-board the aircraft. The two were in transit…

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Delta Launches Mini-Series – Follow 5 New Flight Attendants During 8 Week Training Program

Delta launched “Earning Our Wings” yesterday, a 10 episode mini-series that airs every Monday and Thursday on YouTube and Delta News Hub. The series follows five new flight attendants as they navigate their way through Delta’s eight-week training program in Atlanta. What does it take to be a Delta Air Lines flight attendant? In the…

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Delta to Offer Free Text, iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger

In case you were traveling like me and missed this news yesterday, Delta will offer free mobile messaging including standard text, iMessage, WhatsApp, and FaceBook Messenger beginning October 1st. Free messaging will be available on all Gogo-enabled Delta flights, including all aircraft with two or more cabins. Passengers will be able to access free messaging through…

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Woman Sues Delta For “Complex Dental Restoration” After In-Flight Meal, Airline Offers $80 in SkyMiles

Think about this the next time you dine in the sky… a Malibu woman is suing Delta for $10K for destroying her bottom teeth. TMZ reports that she ordered pita bread with eggplant dipping sauce on a Delta flight in 2015. Apparently, when she went to take a bite, she felt a pebble in her eggplant sauce. …

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Delta Up To No Good Yet Again!

Back in April, Delta decided to devalue the redemptions on their partner airlines overnight without any notice.  This was the latest of a string of devaluations that Delta imposed upon its members overnight.  One of the particularly stinging devaluations was for a last minute premium award on Virgin Atlantic.  Overnight, a last minute (21 days…

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Having trouble spending Delta SkyMiles? Try these (sort-of) secret options

Delta has earned a dualistic reputation among frequent fliers. By just about every metric, the airline easily tops its major competitors in the United States. Delta is more frequently on-time, offers more legroom in economy seats, often has better beds in business class and serves better food in both places. Then there is the frequent…

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