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JetBlue & FedEx Back Gulf Carriers, Could AA Ditch US3 & Join M. East Carriers?


Both JetBlue and FedEx have come out in support of the Gulf carriers in the battle with the US3. JetBlue has partnerships with Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar, while Fedex is currently expanding a major hub operation in Dubai. JetBlue had this to say: “Just as the three U.S. legacy carriers currently alleging unfair subsidies have exhibited…

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Tuna on the Plane! Flight Etiquette…by JetBlue

JetBlue started off 2015 by introducing their flight etiquette video series, where they showcased…well, things not to do on planes. I really like these videos, since they are short, funny, and I am sure resonate with many passengers. Of course, it’s a subtle advertising effort, with passengers seated at their Even More Space seats which cost extra. Some…

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