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Safest Countries in the World for Tourists, Results May Surprise You (US Not in Top 10)

The World Economic Forum has released their 2016-2017 Travel Tourism Competitiveness report, which includes rankings for 136 countries across¬†multiple travel pillars. One such pillar¬†is safest country in the world for tourists. Countries were ranked based on “the extent to which a country exposes tourists and businesses to security risks mainly related to serious harm to…

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Sad Before & After Rio Olympic Venue Pics

Sadly, these slideshows come out after each Olympic Games and they are rarely¬†filled with photos of venues being smartly used / benefiting the host cities once the celebrations have concluded. Granted, they are sometimes a bit skewed, but it’s always interesting to take a flip through. ¬†Now of course, Rio had problems even during the…

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The Most Outrageous Hotel Concierge Requests

As one accumulates status and points in this hobby, you might begin to feel a bit entitled…however I can guarantee that your requests to the concierge have never been this outrageous! Back in 2015¬†Cond√© Nast¬†Traveler produced a list of 8 outrageous hotel requests, they’ve now updated that original article to include a total of 12…

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The Most Offensive Airline Passengers Revealed in 4th Annual Expedia Study

The fourth annual Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study was released late last week and rear seat kickers once again rank as the most offensive airline passengers. ¬†The survey is based on responses from 1,005 Americans age 18+.¬†Inattentive parents (my number one pet peeve) ranked second on the list. A prevailing theme across all four years of…

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