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Which Hotels Let You Buy Their Beds?

The Hilton Bed is made by Serta

You’ve heard the famous pitch for mattresses, “You spend one third of your life on one, so why not invest in it?” It’s true, the sale of mattresses alone is a$7 billion industry, and many hotels are hoping to get a share. Of course, hotels don’t actually make their own beds; rather, many partner with mattress…

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Why You Should Never Give-Up Your Plane Seat


A good friend of mine recently posted the below Facebook message, complaining that it was unfair to ask a single traveler to move seats just because a couple / family / etc. was not organized and did not pre-select their seats.  Granted, there are situations when flights are canceled / aircrafts swapped and a little…

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The 10 Best Beaches in Europe – Italy and Greece Each Score 2 Spots


Summer might be over, but it’s never too early (especially with some of the trans-Atlantic award availability we’ve been seeing) to plan for next year. Condé Nast Traveler earlier this year posted their list of the “10 Best Beaches in Europe” with winners from countries including Italy (x2), Greece (x2), Spain, France, Iceland, Croatia, Portugal, and…

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Bon Appetit’s Hottest New Restaurants for 2016

Image credit: Staplehouse

Every year, Bon Appétit magazine releases a “Hot 10” list of the best new restaurants in the United States. The winner of the honor as the best new restaurant of the year? Staplehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. Staplehouse describes itself as: “a casual neighborhood restaurant, located in the heart of Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward … [their] menus…

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The Most Popular Item Sold At Airports Is…


If you have ever flown before, then you know that you are often stuck with the limited retail options once you have passed security. Hudson, which is North America’s largest airport convenience retailer, recently released a list of their top 10 items that they have sold over the past year. It is clear that we…

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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Boeing 757


Earlier this month, the 757 celebrated 37 years since Boeing began production of the widely used jet. Aviation Squad celebrated the event by sharing 9 things you probably didn’t know about the workhorse. The top three are below and you can check out the full 9 over at Aviation Squad. Eastern Air Lines operated the first…

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10 Hidden Meanings in World Flags

Aussie Flag

Recently, Indy100 published a list of ten “hidden meanings” behind international flags, which “aren’t all that hidden” if you know what to look for. Thanks to Mary at IDK for sharing the 3 below and check out the full list of ten here. UK The Union Flag, also known as the Union Jack, has a blue…

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TripAdvisor: The Most Affordable Places to Travel 2016 in US/World


Everyone always wants to see if they can maximize how far their dollar goes when they travel for vacation. To help, TripAdvisor just released their annual TripIndex Cities cost-comparison study. The index compared the cost of a 3 night trip during the peak summer travel period (June-September) in 39 tourist cities around the world. They factored in costs associated…

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