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Breaking: American Canceling Tel Aviv Service – PHL-TLV Ends January ’16 – Unprofitable


Wow, in a shocking release today, American says that the legacy US Airways flight never made a profit in six years of service and that they are canceling the route as of January. The Street obtained a copy of the release.  When word of an AA/US merger first broke, one of the biggest questions was where…

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An Incomplete List of Europe’s Most Overlooked Cities – Where is Belfast?

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.13.49 PM

Last year, The Huffington Post posted an article entitled 23 Overlooked European Cities You Must Visit In Your Lifetime. Most of those are great suggestions, but there is one notable absence: Belfast. The capital of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom, Belfast has a long, complicated and messy history. But that only adds to its allure…

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13 Sexist Vintage Airline Ads – “Someone May Get A Wife” & Foreign Accent Flights

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“Everyone gets warmth, friendliness and extra care. And someone may get a wife”, yep that’s the copy from a 1967 United Airlines ad!  How about this one from TWA: Now when you fly one of our new “Foreign Accent” flights you’ll experience four hostesses styles to match: Italian (see toga), French (see gold mini), Olde English…

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“I Visited North Korea and Snuck Out These 200 Eye-Opening Photos”

Business Insider contributor Elliott Davies visited North Korea in late 2014 for 16 days, right before the reclusive nation stopped all foreign visits due to Ebola. His cameras were searched prior to leaving the country and some pictures deleted, but he had made backups. From a music appreciation room to happy DMZ soldiers posing for photos and the…

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Emirates Announces World’s Longest Flight – 17 hours and 35 mins

Emirates this morning announced their newest route, Dubai to Panama City, the airline’s first destination in Central America. The route will officially take over the “World’s Longest Flight” title from Qantas’ Dallas-Sydney flight. Emirates says the route will clock in at 17 hours and 35 minutes when heading west. Flights are scheduled to begin February 1, 2016.…

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