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Traveling While Pregnant? Airline Rules you Should Know


When it comes to women traveling while pregnant, there are no universal set of rules for flying. It seems every airline has different requirements and restrictions. However, Travel + Leisure has put together a list of what those rules and restrictions are for some of the world’s most popular airlines, including United, American Airlines and…

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Airline Manages To Lose Their… Passengers?


Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of an airline losing our luggage.  However, Pakistan International Airlines has one upped that by managing to lose track of where many of their passengers are at the moment. Bloomberg has reported that amidst a serious strike by workers who are against privatization plans, Pakistan International Airlines has had to…

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Royal Caribbean to Stop Cutting Prices at the Last Minute


It is extremely common for cruise companies to reduce rates at the last minute whenever their ships are far from being fully booked. This allowed savvy cruisers to consistently find bargains within a month from sailing. Nonetheless, this will no longer be possible with one of the largest cruise companies in the world. Royal Caribbean Cruises…

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New Delta CEO: Growth & Improvements, Transition Was 1 Yr in Making


Ed Bastian, who takes over Delta’s top post in May, told CNBC not to expect any major changes. He says the airline will “keep climbing” with continuous improvements and notes that the current business plan was put into place by a management team still fully committed to the same goals. “There are no substantive changes we’re anticipating,” the…

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JFK Records More Domestic Traffic than LGA & Newark – Records Hit for All 3


All three NYC area airports as well as the combined PANYNJ authority hit records in 2015 as per a new press release from the organization. One interesting tidbit is that JFK is now the top area airport for domestic as well as international departures. That didn’t stop LaGuardia or Newark from hitting both domestic and total passenger records as…

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American to Introduce 5th Business Class Seat Variation – “Best Yet” for 777s, 787s, & A350s


American will introduce a brand new business class seat for the remainder of their B777-200s as well as B787-9s and A350s as per Brian Sumers, a correspondent for Aviation Week and a Condé Nast Traveler contributor. This will be the 5th business class variation for the airline since they introduced their Cathay like 777-300ER herringbone seat in 2013.…

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