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American Plane Caught Fire in Chicago, Just Hours After O’Hare Fire Drill


An American Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft had a blown tire while taxiing this afternoon. The pilots aborted take off, and the right engine reportedly caught fire. Emergency slides were deployed, and officials said all crew and passengers were able to evacuate safely. The flight involved was AA 383, scheduled to fly from Chicago O’Hare to…

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Trump Hotel DC Did Not Wash Bathrobes Between Guests; Hyatt, Sheraton, Wyndham Properties Guilty of Dirty Pillowcases

Indide Edition found that the Trump Hotel in DC did not wash the bathrobes between guests

In September, Inside Edition published a report regarding the cleanliness of a few hotel properties, as mentioned by View from the Wing. They applied a fluorescent paint to bed sheets, checked out, and checked back into the same room the next day. They found that some hotels didn’t change the sheets between guests, which is of course disturbing.…

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Qantas Has A New Logo and New Livery!


Qantas today unveiled their new aircraft livery and logo, and it’s only the fifth update ever in Qantas’ history. The last update was done in 2007, when the airline received the A380. It’s no coincident, then, that the new logo and livery will accompany the delivery of Qantas’ 787. Alan Joyce, Qantas’ CEO said, via a…

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London’s Phone Boxes Will Be Replaced by LinkUK Kiosks

Rendering of a LinkUK kiosk. Photo by BT.

If you have been to New York recently, you may have seen LinkNYC kiosks along the street, where traditionally phone booths may have been. These kiosks were first installed in January, and offered USB charging, free Wi-Fi, free calls, and free web browsing. They have been especially popular among tourists, who can easily look up potential destinations…

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Plastiq and PayPal Might Code as Small Business for Amex Card…Good Earning Potential?

Plastiq will process your credit card payment and send a check on your behalf

A couple of people are reporting that Plastiq payments made with an American Express card might be coding as a small business purchase. This is significant, because American Express is offering double points on Small Business purchases until the end of the year. This could potentially mean that you can earn 2x points on just about any…

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Park Hyatt Los Angeles is Coming Soon

Rednering of Oceanwide Plaza by CallisonRTKL, the future home of a Los Angeles Park Hyatt.

Los Angeles is finally getting a Park Hyatt! The Wall Street Journal reports that Hyatt has reached a deal with Beijing-based Oceanwide Holdings to build a Park Hyatt in Oceanwide’s Los Angeles downtown project. The Oceanwide Plaza is the Chinese company’s first venture in the US market, and will include 504 condos, a ton of retail space (over 160,000…

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