Crew Rest Compartments, or CRCs, vary in design from plane to plane but the newest B787 and A380s have CRCs that one might say rival business class beds! Check out the photos below and see the full post from core77 with more details here.

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Distractify brings us “40 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever”. I don’t know about changing your life, but some of these will surely make your travel experience easier. Check out the ten I was able to republish below or click the link above to see all 40!

1. Keep loose chargers and cables organized with a glasses case.


2. Use straws to carry travel-size amounts of skin care products.


3. Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of a suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.


4. Use a spring from an old pen to protect chargers from bending and breaking.

5. Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors.


6. If you forget your wall plug, charge devices through the USB slot on a TV.


7. Roll clothes, instead of folding, to save tons of baggage space.

Roll clothes, instead of folding, to save tons of baggage space.

8. If you have clothes that need to be folded, use tissue paper to keep them from wrinkling.


9. Keep your travel-size containers and refill them, instead of buying new each time.


10. To use Google Maps offline, type “OK Maps,” and the visible area will save for future access.


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What was the most expensed airline, hotel, and car rental company during 2Q14? What about the most expensed restaurants? For those of you who travel for business, you’ll definitely find the latest SpendSmart report from Certify really interesting.

Leading cloud-based travel and expense management software provider Certify announced the results of its latest business spending report, covering the second quarter of 2014. The report, now in its sixth quarter, tracks spending across major categories such as food, airlines, lodging and car rentals. The most-expensed vendors from last quarter include Starbucks, Delta, Marriott, National Car Rental, as well as Costco, Shell and Amazon. Meals constituted 21% of all travel and entertainment (T&E) receipts, followed by airlines (16%), hotels (13%) and car rentals (5%).

Top movers from last quarter include Subway, which gained the third most-expensed meal vendor spot, beating out Panera; Chick-fil-A, upending Jimmy Jones for the top-rated restaurant; and Seamless, which replaced Starbucks as the most-expensed restaurant vendor in New York City. Fast food continues to rule with business travelers, who submitted most of their receipts from Starbucks and McDonalds. Hyatt earned the top-rated hotel spot, while Hilton was rated as the third most-preferred hotel: neither chain made the list in Q1. Finally, Southwest regained its heady stature as the people’s favorite (though not most-expensed) airline.

This quarter’s analysis for the first time reveals top vendors in the General Expense category, defined as products and services such as cell phone, gas, groceries, office supplies and taxis. Costco topped the General Expense category, winning 7% of those expenses but followed closely by AT&T and Shell, both at 5%.

Some interesting regional data also surfaced this quarter. The top cities for business travelers as represented by percentage of total receipts were Chicago (4%) followed by Houston (3%), New York and Dallas (tied for 2%) and Los Angeles and Philadelphia (both at 1%). The cheapest place for dinner on the road is Philly, averaging $37, while the cheapest lodging is in Dallas at an average $205 per night. The priciest town for dinner and hotel is, as always, New York at an average $71 for dinner and $422 per night for hotel, while Houston came in as the next highest city at $315 per night. The best deal for dinner and lodging over a 24-hour period was Dallas, at $245.

The quarterly Certify SpendSmartTM Report analyzes vendors, expense amounts and satisfaction rating data on business expenses collected directly from end users. Certify SpendSmart reports on millions of receipts and expenses, delivering valuable insights to Certify clients and the business travel and expense industry at large. Certify has been tracking corporate travel and expense data since 2009 and uniquely offers integrated travel booking, travel and expense management and reimbursement in one system.

“Results from our Q2 analysis show that even as the economy improves, value remains important to companies and employees, given the high percentage of receipts coming from low-cost convenience restaurants and discount retailers such as Costco,” says Robert Neveu, CEO of Certify. “Stark differences in food and lodging costs across major US cities should also help companies prioritize travel by location, when they can.”

Delta really seems to have increased their corporate business, the #1 most expensed airline, though with a lower average cost than UA.

Most Expensed Airlines Most Expensed Hotels Most Expensed Rental Car Companies Most Expensed Restaurants by Meal Most Expensed Restaurants

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Life at 30,000 feet in the air isn’t without its own set of questionably sexual moments — between the crew and the passengers. “There are two flight attendants having sex in the first-class galley!”

Betty continues spilling her secrets. Thanks to Mark from Yahoo! for sharing a new weekly series called “Confessions of A Fed-Up Flight Attendant” written by “Betty”.  Below is the ninth entry from the series, you can check out the full post here and a new one each Monday.

Flirting with disaster

I was flying to Hawaii and working in the middle galley restocking beverage carts when a woman tapped me on the shoulder. I was in the process of lifting heavy drawers, so I said, “I’ll be with you in one moment.” She poked me harder, so I figured it was something important and set down the drawer and turned around to see her wide-open eyes as she pointed to the first-class galley and exclaimed, “There are two flight attendants having sex in the first-class galley!”

This was a first.

Dubious, I replied, “I’m sure that’s not true.” But she was insistent. So I walked up front and was surprised to see the galley curtain totally shut. Could it be? The male and female flight attendants were both single. I hesitated for a second but then knocked on the wall and slowly opened the curtain.

The female flight attendant was sitting on a carrier (the metal boxes that contain glasses and such), and the male flight attendant was giving her a back massage with a water bottle. I told them that a passenger told me they were having sex in the galley, and they looked about as stunned as the excited passenger had been. So the male flight attendant calmly walked to the concerned passenger and said, “We weren’t having sex in the galley. … We save that for the layover.”  He was joking — but she walked away looking appalled.

We never did figure out why she thought they were having sex in the first place, although perhaps a closed curtain and an involuntary little massage-related moan could lead a hyped-up imagination astray.

You want me to do what?

I am a single flight attendant, and boy have I seen some bad flirting!  Sometimes it’s so weird that you are not even sure it’s flirting.  To this day I’m still not sure about this one.

On international flights we get time for crew rest — on larger planes in a facility upstairs or downstairs, or on smaller planes four passenger seats blocked off by a curtain. I was on a flight to Europe, and it was time for my hour-and-a-half crew rest. A female flight attendant was at the window and I was at the aisle with the curtain closed. As we were getting settled, the female flight attendant that I had met only once before said, “You can just snuggle up to me.” I thought she was joking, and I did a little uncomfortable fake laugh, “hee hee hee hee.”

She said “I’m not joking — just snuggle up to me!” What the heck, I thought. I don’t snuggle with women I barely know — actually I don’t snuggle with anyone at work! All I could think to do was just fake laugh again, “hee hee hee hee.”

And yet she continued, “I’m not joking, either. You snuggle up to me, or you sit at the window and I’ll snuggle up to you.”

All together now: “Hee hee hee hee (uncomfortable) hee.”

Smooth move survivor

During boarding I was walking through the cabin when a male passenger said, “I think you’re sexy.” I looked down and recognized him as Jonny Fairplay, a popular villain from the reality TV show “Survivor.” He said, “Yeah I’m talking to you.” I didn’t know what to do, so I just smiled politely and kept walking.

I told my fellow flight attendants in the galley, and none of them knew who he was. He was scruffy-looking and disheveled, and when I pointed him out to the crew, they asked, “You mean the homeless-looking guy?” Every time I went by him, he would say the same “I think you’re sexy” thing, and it was pretty uncomfortable. Then as we were deplaning I was standing at the boarding door saying my buh-byes, and here he comes walking toward me. Time slowed down because he keeps getting closer and closer, and I begin to realize he is going to try to kiss me. I was thinking, “No, no, no. What are you doing? This is crazy” — and then he gets close enough for his baseball cap to hit me in the eye.

It hurt, but it saved me from an unwanted and uncomfortable kiss. I was shocked and holding my hand over my injured eye. To his credit he looked ashamed that he poked me in the eye, apologized, and said, “Smooth move” before continuing off the airplane.

Isn’t this romantic

On a 767-400 airplane there are jump seats at the exit doors that face the passengers, meaning flight attendants using them have to be aware of their feet placement because you can literally touch knees with the passengers opposite you. These are the least popular positions and usually go to the most junior flight attendants, because you are forced to chat with the passengers you are facing. (Let me count how many times you’re strapped in and forced to endure a 15-minute gripe-fest about air travel. Actually, let me not.)

One evening we were flying to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and I had to sit in one. This creepy-looking, strangely dressed guy was sitting across from me. For takeoff I managed pleasant small talk with him. For landing I strapped into my jump seat, and the guy says, “Isn’t this romantic. … It’s dark with all the twinkling lights outside and it’s just you and me.”

I was thinking this was anything but romantic.

I looked over to my co-worker in a similar seat across the aisle, and she was rolling her eyes and swallowing her laughter. And then I looked at my watch and realized I had about 12 more captive minutes.

Casanova says what?

Another time I was saying “hello” to the passengers at the boarding door and I was wearing our uniform dress. Key point: It’s form-fitting. This first-class passenger in a suit leans in to me and says in a low voice, “That dress is a real ball burner!” and kept going down the aisle.

I was left thinking, “Huh?!” First of all, I had never heard that saying before, and even though I think it was a compliment, it sure was borderline offensive. I probably could have caused a fuss, told him it was inappropriate, and so forth.

But instead it became the joke of the day among the crew. “Oh that coffee is a real ball burner” and “This trip is a real ball burner.” If the gentleman thought that was flirting, I bet he doesn’t get many dates.

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In my opinion this is certainly more likely an attempt to commit fraud at the expense of the missing passengers…but it’s fueled the flame of conspiracy theorists. From the AFP / Emirates 24/7:

Malaysian police have arrested a bank officer and her husband over allegations they stole more than $30,000 from the accounts of four passengers aboard missing flight MH370, an official said Friday. The couple have been held in police custody since Thursday on suspicion of withdrawing 110,643 ringgit ($34,850) from the accounts of two Malaysian and two Chinese MH370 victims, said Zainuddin Ahmad, a district police chief in Kuala Lumpur. Police are also looking for another suspect, a Pakistani man, who is believed to have received part of the money in his account through an online transfer, he added. “We believe he is still in the country. But as to the full particulars of the case — it’s all still under investigation,” Zainuddin told AFP. Zainuddin declined to name the bank, where the woman in custody reportedly worked at for the last 10 years. The Star daily reported that the four bank accounts were with HSBC and quoted HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd saying in a statement that the matter was referred by the bank to the police, declining further comment. HSBC officials could not immediately be reached.

Current theories include: MH370/MH17 being the same plane, a hijacking mission gone wrong, a CIA cover-up, alien abduction, and more.  You can read all the craziness here.

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This is pretty hilarious, eleven annoying personality types you meet on a plane courtesy of Man Repeller:

The Frequent Pee-er Miles

Someone takes her Dr. Phil tips and Goop guides a bit too seriously, because while celebregurus love nothing more than to extol the virtues of water, Phil & Gwen definitely did not intend for the Frequent Pee-er to chug the entire Atlantic Ocean prior to departure.

The Freequent Pee-er earns her miles by getting up to pee on the half hour, every hour. You can guarantee that she will have to go during paramount moments in whatever movie you are watching, at the climax of whatever story you are reading, or while you’re falling asleep. Her bouts of “excuse me” and “so sorry” are not sincere because all she cares about is avoiding bloat. She’s selfish and she’s hydrated.

The Manic Snack Packer

This woman got on the plane with a diaper bag full of Ziploc bags which, in due time you will learn, are partitioned by food groups — and make no mistake, every group is accounted for. She’s got her grains, her tupperware full of fruit, the sliced crudite to be chased by cold cuts and then followed by the block of cheese that aisle 35 is complaining about. You’re seeing more food than the average human consumes in the span of 72 hours and yet, there it goes, all of it, into her mouth and down her throat. Mind you, this is a shuttle flight from LaGuardia to Boston.

The Coma Kid
At first you respect The Coma Kid. This dude got on the plane, buckled his seatbelt and passed the fuck out. Screw safety tips — he doesn’t need them. But after a solid three hours, when CK is still asleep, you start to worry: Is he alive? Should you poke him? Hold a mirror underneath his nose to see if he fogs the glass? You could, especially if you’re super bored, but if the Coma Kid wakes up to you hovering over his doubled chin to “make sure he’s still alive,” the rest of the plane ride is going to be really awkward.

Elbow Rest Warrior
You know this person. 6’10, 320. Cross-fit Master, crocodile wrestler. The Elbow Rest Warrior is stoic as a statue, kinder than a panda and yet completely oblivious to personal space. That or he, too, is selfish and can’t understand the elbow rest to elbow ratio. As in, if the person to your left or right is lacking, you must, for the sake of humanity, relinquish control of at least one throne.

The Team Player
The Team Player may have shared the womb with an attached twin at some point in their gestation because this person does not understand that whatever is yours is not actually theirs. Like the ERW, the Team Player sees no qualms in the other-seat-lean. Despite a properly working television set, they find yours more interesting, and if you’re reading a book they’re trying to skim the pages right along with you. If you glare at the TP they will stare right back. And 9 times out of 10, they smell like cottage cheese.

Paranoid Pete
A colonial woman on the wing of the plane is the least of this guy’s worries. He is freaking out, forgot his Xanex, and mark his words: you’re going down with him.

The Baby
But not the cute baby. Not the napping baby who wakes up to coo and smile then falls back into a lactose coma. No. The one with an ear infection and a devil possession and a dirty diaper and two parents who are just like, “Chill, man. You were a baby once too.” False. I was an angel, whereas that thing you’ve swaddled in too many blankets is 100% a shouting alien.

The Child
The Child may actually be worse than The Baby if you’re easily irritated as opposed to just hyper noise-sensitive. The Child is creepy. It stares at you menacingly through the partition of the two seats in front of you, and smiles like Chuckie and whispers shit like, “You’re next.” It kicks chairs and constantly reclines into your lap, and eats stupid snacks like Yogurt Chips and Cheddar Bunnies. When I was a kid, we ate Oreos, and we weren’t allowed on airplanes until we knew how to fly them ourselves.

The Stoic Sitter
Paranoid Pete should never, ever sit next to the Stoic Sitter because she boards the plane with a Chapstick and a smile then doesn’t move for the rest of the ride. Where is her purse? Where is her book? Where is her OK! magazine or her iPod or her friends? What is going on inside the Stoic Sitter’s mind that enables her to sit still for four hours and do not a SINGLE THING? Has she peed yet? Is she meditating? Is she sleeping with her eyes open? Is she…dead? Like Angelica Pickles used to tell Tommy and co: if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

iWork at Google Guy
This dude has too many things to do that require a charger. He has an iPad. He has an iPod. He has an iPhone, a vintage MP3 player, a Google phone, a Blackberry, a Kindle and a Droid. Despite your inability to get in-air wifi, he has been tweeting the whole time from his personal hot spot, has posted three pictures to Instagram and checked in “Over Hawaii.” If the plane goes down due to an issue of mechanic miscommunication, there is a 47% chance it is his fault.

Activity Annie
Activity Annie will not leave you alone. But it’s not on purpose — she’s studying. She’s highlighting. Then she puts her textbook away and now she’s writing. Now she’s texting! And now she’s back in her bag, rummaging through her purse, looking for headphones and then suddenly it’s time for a walk! After 20 minutes, Activity Annie gets antsy, which is when she turns to you and — against your will — tells you all about her breakup. Pay attention. There will be a quiz upon landing.


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A plane full of sleeping passengers, a tranquil flight. A cockpit full of sleeping pilots, a potential disaster. Thanks to Mark from Yahoo! for sharing this story coming out of India.

Air regulators in India are investigating a scary incident on August 8 when a Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 dropped more than 5,000 feet while its pilot was dozing off. The incident occurred on a flight from Mumbai to Brussels. The Times of India reports the pilot was taking what’s called a “controlled rest” as called for by international standards for long flights. The co-pilot was supposed to handle flying responsibilities while the pilot was asleep. But she reportedly says she was working on her flight tablet and didn’t notice when the plane descended from its assigned level of 34,000 feet as they were flying over Turkey. Fortunately Turkish air traffic controllers did notice and alerted the pilots to climb back toward their assigned altitude. Now both pilots are suspended pending an investigation. Regulators reportedly are looking into whether the co-pilot had dozed off, too.

Jet Airways Asleep

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BREAKING – Dubai: An airline passenger yesterday narrowly avoided missing out on informing her friends and followers on social media that she was in a business class lounge, according to shocking reports.

The incident is believed to have taken place at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1, from where the unnamed woman was reportedly flying with Virgin Atlantic to London. Eyewitnesses claim it was only upon hearing the last call for her flight that she realized the mistake.

“It looked really touch and go for a minute,” said Lindsay Washington, who was also in the business class lounge but posted details on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regarding her location immediately upon entering.

“There was this mad, desperate panic as she frantically tried to type into her phone while gathering her bags and running for the exit. I think she did it in the end, but to be honest she had already left by the time it would have gone up.”

Later reports confirmed that the passenger did manage to ‘check into’ the lounge on Facebook without missing her flight, but didn’t have enough time to add her usual comment such as ‘Here we are again’ or ‘Jet set, moi?’

The news comes just three weeks after an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi was forced to turn around shortly after take off when a woman in business class realized that she hadn’t updated her FourSquare account from the lounge. Aviation authorities are now urging all airlines to issue reminders in their business and first class facilities.

Haha, thanks to the PAE for the comical re-post!

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Not in this community! Let them use those miles for flights to Orlando ;-) ! Thanks to Mark from Yahoo! and TheStreet for sharing with our readers.

A new poll, conducted for TheStreet by GfK, shows that 36% of Americans agree that recent political turmoil has made them afraid to fly internationally. The poll, in which 1,004 people were interviewed by telephone, was conducted July 25 through July 27. In the poll, 355 of 1,004 respondents answered yes when asked, “Whether or not you plan to fly, has the recent political turmoil made you afraid to fly internationally?” Another 621 said no, while twenty said they didn’t know and five declined to answer.

Among those who now fear international flying, 42% were women and 29% were men. Also, 68% of men and 56% of women said they were not afraid to fly. Women are more fearful than men, older people are more fearful than younger people, and people in the west are less fearful than people in other regions, the poll shows. While 71% of people between 18 and 34 said they do not fear international flying, only 53% between 50 and 64 said they are not fearful.

As for people who do fear international flying, those between 50 and 64 were the most fearful, with 44% responding yes. In the oldest group, which included people 65 and over, only 38% said they feared international flying.

Regionally, among Westerners, only 25% expressed fear of international flying, while 73% said they had no fear. By contrast, people in the Northeast were the most concerned, with 43% expressing fear and 57% saying they had no fear. Among Midwesterners and Southerners, 37% to 38% expressed fear while 59% to 60% said they had no fear.

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My new role has me interacting quite a bit with our marketing and public relations teams. They recently brought me to a New York PR event where Delta had two of their media relations team members in attendance. I of course took some time (over drinks) to speak with them. I really wanted to watch them try and spin the upcoming SkyMiles “enhancements” but they politely declined.  However, they did have a lot to say about the following three stories (this is the official media relations team responses so take these with a DL corporate skew)…

Michigan Mom’s Mistakenly Voided Ticket – Stranded in Punta Canahere’s a snippet from the Detroit Free Press article if you’ve forgotten the story:

Karen Smith of Milford was on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic. On their way home April 12, she printed out her first-class boarding pass and had it scanned by both security and US Airways agents at the Punta Cana boarding gate. Then something went wrong. She was pulled out of the line just as she and her family were about to get on the plane. They took her boarding pass. They said they needed to give her a “flight coupon” back at the counter. They made her stand at the counter so long that the flight took off with her husband and three children aboard and all their luggage. However, the day the family left Detroit, Delta had to make an adjustment to Smith’s ticket at the gate, but — and this is the part that is not supposed to be possible — somehow voided out the entire e-ticket including the US Airways return portion — even though the change did not show up in the US Airways reservations system and the passenger had no way of knowing about the problem. Thus, upon her return from Punta Cana, Smith was able to print out her US Airways first class boarding pass, get it scanned, and nearly board the plane when US Airways agents, noticing for the first time the lack of a valid underlying ticket, pulled her from the line.

Delta wanted us to know that although it was widely reported that they refunded the $1385.30 for Karen’s new ticket home as well as paid her $160 hotel cost, they also offered the family complimentary flights so that they could enjoy a new vacation with confirmed return flights for the entire family.

Delta Landing Aborted After “Joke” from Air Traffic Control – how could you forget this one? Reminder courtesy of the HuffPost:

Back in June, flight 630 was a mere 1,000 feet from the ground over ATL when air traffic control told the pilot to “go around” because he couldn’t land yet. Then, moments later, the controller gave a different instruction: “I’m kidding, Delta 630. After you land, I’ve got no one behind you. Expect to exit right. Delta 630 you’re clear to land on (runway) 27-Left.” It was too late — the plane had already altered course and was forced to climb to roughly 4,000 feet and circle the airport for another 15 minutes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, while the “joke” was straightened out on the ground.

Delta notes that they continue to fully cooperate with the FAA teams investigating the incident and that behind close doors they consider this a huge safety issue and are doing everything possible to ensure proper corrective action is taken to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Farewell to some of the 747s – the early retirement of some of my favorite (and newly renovated) DL jets:

In a startling change of plans, Delta Air Lines today confirmed that it will retire four of its Boeing 747s beginning in September. Employees were notified in a memo penned by Glen Hauenstein the airline’s chief revenue officer. Hauenstein described the decision as way to “reduce Delta’s footprint at Tokyo Narita” and to do less intra-Asia flying. It seems to have taken a lot less time for the airline to do an about face because as recently as two weeks ago cockpit crews were offered opportunities to bid for captain and first officer positions on the jumbo. So they were surprised last week when the offer was rescinded. Regarding the flight crews, Delta spokesman Anthony Black said the company’s plan for them was “still to be communicated.” Boeing 777 and 767s now flying Atlantic routes will be re positioned to the Pacific. The first two 747s will be retired on September 30th and October 1 when the Atlanta -Tokyo and Los Angeles – Tokyo routes are converted to Boeing 777s. Numbers three and four stop flying on October 26 when Detroit – Nagoya will be converted to an Airbus A330 and the Tokyo – Hong Kong and Nagoya – Manila flights will be canceled.

Apparently, many employees are very upset about this announcement and have formed groups to ensure that each 747 is sent off with a special celebration. Celebrations will involve not only the final flight for each jet, but also sporadic flights in the weeks and months leading up to the retirements. No specific details were provided, though the team mentioned that there will be both on-board and gate hosted events. More details to follow…

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What are this year’s top ten airline liveries? TheDesignAir judge panel has once again voted for their favorites, with each livery receiving a rating out of 100. According to the site,  “this year some familiar faces return, and some get booted out of the top 10, and there are even a few new arrivals. Why do the lists change each year? It’s down to how well brands age, how current design trends effect our visual aesthetic and how well the livery is perceived by our changing judging panel.” Below are their top six choices, refer to this link to check out the remainder of the list, see details as to why each livery qualified, and for the 2013 winners. See any of your favorites missing?

6. Air Tahiti Nui
5. Starflyer
4. Air Inuit
3. O’hana by Hawaiian
2. Fiji Airways
1. Hawaiian Airways


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