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Text to Land: Air Traffic Control is Shifting to Text Messaging

Air traffic controllers direct air and ground operations atop the new air traffic control tower June 11, 2013, at Pope Field, N.C. The new tower is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certified, stands 11-stories tall and boasts more than 9,000 square feet of internal space. (U.S. Air Force illustration/Tech. Sgt. Peter R. Miller)

I am often fascinated by the behind-the-scenes in aviation and flight operations. As a kid, I would tune in to Channel 9 on United flights, where you could hear the communications between pilots and air traffic control (ATC). Well, that might all be changing soon. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is implementing text-based communications, which many airport…

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Delta August “Power Outage”, Likely a Cyber Attack???


In the age of multiple redundant systems, back-up generators, off-site backups, cloud storage, and underground military grade data centers, Delta’s excuse that a “power outage” caused their August incident probably should have been questioned from the get-go. In fact, Georgia Power immediately disputed Delta’s report and told the AP that it was Delta’s equipment not the…

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Hotel Tonight Launches Loyalty Program HT Perks

Hotel Tonight's HT Perks program allows you to earn discounts on stays

Just a week ago I wrote about the “buy 10 get 1 free” loyalty program that offers, which can actually be pretty great for leisure travelers. I value chain hotels’ points, since they allow for redemption at some aspirational properties. Having hotel statuses also mean free upgrades, free breakfast, etc., so I try to stay with a chain hotel…

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737s Set to Take over Trans-Atlantic Routes, Change Future of Flying


United has been flying 757s across the Atlantic for years, but what about 737s? Believe it or not, they are already in use. Scandinavian Airlines flies an 86-seat 737-700 on Boston – Copenhagen, limiting the number of passengers below 90 to increase range. Meanwhile, WestJet operates St. John’s, Newfoundland – Dublin (exactly 2K miles) and Halifax,…

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BREAKING: American Airlines Starting Flights to Havana November 28, Beating United By One Day

American Airlines' inaugural flight to Havana is now bookable on

In July 2016, when the DOT approved flights to Havana, American Airlines came out as a bit of a winner. They were allotted five daily flights: 4 from Miami and 1 from Charlotte. That is hardly surprising, considering Cuban-Americans make up 54% of the city’s population. We recently reported that United will be launching direct…

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American Airlines Pilots Worried On-Time Performance for AA about to Get Worse

American finished behind Delta, United, and Southwest in on-time performance during the busy summer travel period and pilots at the airline are concerned that it could get worse on Saturday. The airline will transition to a single flight operating system (FOS) on October 1st. The Chicago Business Journal explains that the AA and US fleets will operate…

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Man Sentenced to Jail for Calling in Bomb Threat to Delay His Flight

A WestJet 737-700

Here’s what you definitely should not do if you’re late for a flight—call in a bomb threat for your specific flight. In October 2014, Michael Howells, 37, was late for his WestJet flight from Kelowna to Calgary. Instead of making alternative arrangements, he decided to call the airport and say the plane was rigged with explosives. The…

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Cuba Says AA Cuban-American Flight Crews Can’t Enter Country / Overnight


Well, this is an interesting problem for American Airlines, the Cuban government is refusing entry and thereby overnight privileges to any Cuban-American AA flight crew member as per the Miami Herald. American didn’t discover this until their first re-established flight to Varadero. On that flight a Cuban-American was denied entry on grounds that he did not have…

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