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Should You Tip The Hotel Housekeeper?

Image credit: CloudTech

It is customary for Americans to tip when dining out or taking a taxi. However, the idea of tipping others in the service industry can be less clear. In particular, tipping hotel housekeeping has been somewhat of a mystery. Expedia recently surveyed over 1,000 American travelers and found that 30% do not tip anyone at…

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Marriott’s “Buyer’s Remorse” over Starwood, Loyalty Compatibility Concerns

Marriott Starwood

Wow, very interesting article from the NY Post this morning regarding Marriott’s buyer’s remorse over the Starwood transaction. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said last week that it needed up to 60 more days to review the deal, and one source quoted in the article said that “not gaining Chinese approval would be a good…

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Vegas Casinos Now Cheating You out of Free Alcohol – Small Shot Pours and Voucher Requirements


MGM recently began charging as much as $10 per day for parking at their strip properties, prompting the NY Post  to publish an article lamenting the new charges as well as those pesky resort fees. However, they also sadly note changes to the free booze that’s normally provided while playing table games and slots: According to Vegas’ ABC affiliate,…

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