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Basic Economy is Helping Airlines Squeeze More Cash from Passengers

Did you feel that? Is your annual travel budget feeling a bit pinched? For the first time in years, airlines have found a way to make more money off each individual flier. Susan Carey, of The Wall Street Journal, reports that every U.S. airline is expecting increases in unit-revenue this year. Delta is expected to…

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“Shaking Like Washing Machine” After Engine Blade Fracture Causes Scares & Emergency Landing

An AirAsia X flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur experienced a blade fracture, with one engine ingesting the broken pieces and causing severe damage and vibrations according to The Aviation Herald. That engine was shut down while the plane drifted 2 hours back to Perth, making a safe and successful landing. Passengers were startled by…

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I cheated on Delta with United, and liked it (sort of)

As a Delta frequent flier based in Brooklyn, I rarely end up on United Airlines. Unlike many living in Manhattan, my journey to United’s Newark Liberty hub is an inconceivable undertaking. The airline’s generally mediocre ratings don’t contribute much in the way of motivation, and fairly frequent Gold Medallion upgrades keep me glued to Delta.…

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