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Unbelievable Working Conditions at Qatar Changing…a tiny bit for the better?

One of this blog’s most read posts is Unbelievable Conditions – Truth Behind Working for Qatar Airways, each week the post continues to reach new viewers, many of them from the Gulf region. Several of the comments are even from potential applicants or current employees…some very concerned about the potential environment at their new job. Anyway, it…

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Why the US Department of Justice Sides with JetBlue, Hawaiian, & FedEx on the Gulf Carriers

News broke on Monday that the US Department of Justice is concerned with the request from Delta, American, and United to limit flights from Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar to the US. They are specifically worried about the impact on consumers – the potential for higher fares and fewer choices. These are two of the same concerns…

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JetBlue & FedEx Back Gulf Carriers, Could AA Ditch US3 & Join M. East Carriers?

Both JetBlue and FedEx have come out in support of the Gulf carriers in the battle with the US3. JetBlue has partnerships with Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar, while Fedex is currently expanding a major hub operation in Dubai. JetBlue had this to say: “Just as the three U.S. legacy carriers currently alleging unfair subsidies have exhibited…

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“Gulf Carrier Subsidy Allegations Appear Valid” – US House Transport Panel Chair

A brief statement was released by Bill Shuster, US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman, regarding the allegations that the Middle East airlines receive illegal subsidies in violation of Open Skies: “They’re state-owned companies, and they’re getting what we believe are infusions of cash, which is not fair. The committee has spoken with the…

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Emirates Sheikh to American/Delta/United: Stop Whining and Try Winning on Service!

Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoumheikh says that US Airlines should stop complaining to the Department of Transportation about Middle East carriers and their potential government subsidies (which the airlines deny), and should instead try to win customers back based on service quality. Lots of interesting quotes from the Bloomberg article: “Offer the…

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Emirates Drops FIFA Sponsorship, Qatar Waiting in the Wings?

Early last month, Emirates announced it was ending its sponsorship of FIFA and any involvement in the 2022 World Cup in neighboring Qatar. Emirates was one of only six key FIFA sponsors prior to opting out of their latest contract negotiations. Rumors are that the contract was turned down due to the corruption claims surrounding the bidding process for…

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