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Southwest Unveils New Uniforms & “Widest 737 Economy Seat in the Market” w/ Bold Blue eLeather

Southwest today unveiled its new employee-designed uniforms as well as the “widest 737 economy seat in the market”. Below is the full press release and pictures! Southwest Airlines Co. is bringing the Heart of their Employees front and center with the announcement of the carrier’s first-ever Employee-designed uniforms and Boeing 737-800 aircraft Heart interior featuring…

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Southwest to Announce New Uniforms, Arriving Spring 2017 – “Zipper from Front Hem up the Side”

Southwest will soon announce that new uniforms are being designed for their flight attendants, customer service agents, and ramp crews as per the exclusive from the Chicago Business Journal. Cintas, a wholesale provider of all types of uniforms for the corporate world, is creating the updated uniforms…as they are for United (see United Updating Uniforms Again, Going…

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US Airlines at War With Each Other Over Flights to Cuba

If you thought U.S. airlines would peacefully divide the rights for commercial flights to Cuba among themselves, think again. The Los Angeles Times has put together a summary of the accusations U.S. airlines are making against each other as they fight for the rights for these routes. These are some of those accusations: In Delta’s…

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Netflix Coming to the Skies Thanks to Virgin America’s Home Speed In-Flight Internet

It has been a few years now since WiFi was brought to planes. Although being able to access the internet from 38,000 feet is a minor miracle, there has always been one major complaint: speed. Accessing airplane WiFi brings back memories of dialing-up to modems back in the 1990s. Thanks to Virgin America, that is…

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