Who needs room service ! This is pretty awesome, who would have thought and the final products look delicious too! Egg omelet sandwich, broccoli, hot dogs, pizza, and s’mores. Just watch out for the yolk in the steam holes.   Thanks to reader Liz M for sharing this very cool article with us courtesy of… Read full article

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Starwood is rolling out two robotic “Botlrs” named A.L.O. at the Palo Alto Aloft. The robotic butlers, built by Savioke, are able to perform tasks in the front of the house and the back of the house, as well as navigate around guests and use elevators. Wochit reports that for the most part the Botlrs will… Read full article

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A frugal passenger bought a fully refundable China Eastern ticket and re-booked it 300 times in order to get free dinner at the VIP lounge at Xi’an International Airport’s (XIY) VIP lounge…for 300 days. Thanks to reader Rakesh in Mumbai for sharing this story and to his cousin for obtaining the OK on sharing the summary below from the… Read full article

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I think my last two weeks in Topeka might have been even more unique than some of my recent trips overseas. Here are some of the more interesting things I learned: 1) The fields at MacLennan Park at Cedar Crest actually has visible historic ruts or swales, made by the wheels of countless wagons traveling the… Read full article

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Been to Japan? You’ll totally appreciate this list. Planning a trip? Get excited the BuzzFeed rundown is so accurate!

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A new Lufthansa A320-200 from Stockholm to Frankfurt diverted to Copenhagen last week when passengers detected a strange odor on board. The Telegraph reports that “fearing for the aircraft’s safety, the Lufthansa crew opted to divert to the Danish capital, landing 15 minutes later, and the 129 passengers on board were rebooked onto alternative flights. However,… Read full article

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Depressed about the no notification American AAdvantage devaluation? While we ridiculously continue to wait for details on which partners are impacted by the newly imposed international fuel surcharges, here’s another Wednesday countdown. Today’s countdown comes from the Courier Mail and lists the 10 Worst Types of Passengers: People with uncontrollable kids (Parentus Slapdashii) Seat recliners (Reclinus Maximus) Smelly… Read full article

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Pacers center Roy Hibbert did his best to squeeze his 7′ 2″ frame into the bathroom on a flight Thursday night, later sharing the results via his Instagram account… tall people problems  

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Skyscanner conducted a survey of 700 international cabin crew members from 83 countries to find out the strangest items left on-board. Here are just a few of the most random items that cabin crew listed: Live parrot Glass eye Prosthetic leg A bag of sand One shoe Wedding dress Bag of diamonds Toupee Handcuffs Underwear Written… Read full article

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Have you ever entered an outrageous request in the special request section of a hotel reservation screen? As has been heavily reported the last few days, Dustin Wray of New Braunfels, Texas, booked a room for himself and his girlfriend and decided to do just that: “Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just… Read full article

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On a flight from Europe last week my colleague commented on how gross it was that people were going shoeless to the bathroom, wearing only their airline issued socks.  He’s new to international travel and hadn’t yet had the pleasure of witnessing the business class bathroom “walk of shame”.  Similarly, when I began my heavy international traveling… Read full article

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