Who needs room service ;-) ! This is pretty awesome, who would have thought and the final products look delicious too! Egg omelet sandwich, broccoli, hot dogs, pizza, and s’mores. Just watch out for the yolk in the steam holes.   Thanks to reader Liz M for sharing this very cool article with us courtesy of BestReviewsNOTE THAT the pictures below (besides the hot dogs) are in their raw state. You must click on the link above to see the final cooked product..it’s worth it!

We have heard a rumor that some guests use hotel irons to prepare simple meals. Allegedly, it’s the convenience, cost savings, and special diets that drive the behavior. To get to the bottom of this rumor, we took a standard iron and tried to prepare food on it. We started with a hot dog since the cooking requirements are pretty straightforward. Because most hot dogs use pre-cooked meat, all we needed to do was to heat up the dogs. We used the cotton (highest) setting and surprisingly, the iron did a fantastic job of heating up our meal quickly and efficiently.

Next, we moved over to slightly a more involved task – cooking a non-readymade cheeseburger. We prepared the iron using the linen setting for 5 minutes and then laid out the ground beef onto the base of the iron. We turned on the cotton setting and watched as the meat slowly turned brown after about 15 minutes. While the iron wasn’t able to produce the handsome grill marks that usually come with a barbecued burger, the end product tasted just as juicy as if it were made the old-fashioned way.

But could an iron prepare a more difficult meal? We tried making one of our favorite breakfast meals: an egg omelet sandwich. We put the egg on the base of the iron and watched it fry. It was a bit disgusting to see the yolk seep into the steam holes on the base of the iron and drip off of the edges, but we carried on.

Using the linen setting on the steam iron, the egg cooked quickly, and we turned our efforts to preparing the ham and cheese for the sandwich. All in all, the final product came out quite tasty, although the toast did seem to burn a little bit more than we would have liked. We recommend heating up the toast with the wool setting (300ºF) to prevent burning.

Next, we decided to use the steam iron for a make-shift pizza oven. It seemed like a no-brainer. After all, the base of the steam iron perfectly matched the shape of a pizza slice.
We began by spreading out a triangular shaped piece of dough over the iron and then rolled it back to create a crust edge. We couldn’t quite toss the dough like we’re used to with a circular pizza, so we had to stretch it out with our hands instead. We then used the cotton setting of the steam iron to pre-bake the crust for 6 minutes so as not to get “doughy crust” that usually kills most homemade pizzas. From there, the rest of the procedure was pretty normal as we spread the sauce and the toppings onto the pizza and watched it bake. It took slightly longer to finish than usual, but the crust began to turn brown after around 16 minutes, and the cheese fully melted around the 20 minute mark. In the end, the pizza came out of the “oven” in tip top shape. We couldn’t resist taking a bite!

Steamed broccoli seemed like another logical meal to prepare. After all, we need to put that “burst of steam” button on our iron to the test. We placed an individual broccoli stem onto the iron and switched on the cotton setting. We used the iron’s steam button, and the broccoli slowly began to turn bright green. Some irons don’t allow the steam function to work if the iron isn’t in the proper orientation (pointing down), but the iron we tested managed to have no problem with it upside down, and after several refills of the water tank, the broccoli was ready to go!

Finally, it was time for some dessert. What better way to use the steam iron holes than to have them double as marshmallow stick holders? The holes were actually just deep enough to have the marshmallows close to the base of the iron and get the proper amount of heat from the iron.

From there, making the actual s’mores was a cinch. The highest setting on the iron was a good substitute for an open bonfire, and within 10 minutes, the melted Hershey’s milk chocolate was beginning to seep into the base of the iron.

We don’t know how common hotel-iron-cooking is, but it certainly is feasible. With some ingenuity and a few creative uses of the iron’s settings, you can re-create pretty much any homemade kitchen meal.

So think twice next time you use your hotel’s steam iron. The last thing you want is to show up to your morning business meeting with pizza sauce all over your dress shirt!

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Starwood is rolling out two robotic “Botlrs” named A.L.O. at the Palo Alto Aloft. The robotic butlers, built by Savioke, are able to perform tasks in the front of the house and the back of the house, as well as navigate around guests and use elevators. Wochit reports that for the most part the Botlrs will be delivering amenities to guest rooms in lieu of front desk staff. The Aloft Botlrs are currently “training”, and will officially go live in the hotels starting on August 20th.

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A frugal passenger bought a fully refundable China Eastern ticket and re-booked it 300 times in order to get free dinner at the VIP lounge at Xi’an International Airport’s (XIY) VIP lounge…for 300 days. Thanks to reader Rakesh in Mumbai for sharing this story and to his cousin for obtaining the OK on sharing the summary below from the Times of India:

A Chinese man booked a fully refundable first class ticket aboard China Eastern Airlines and then re-booked his ticket over and over again to have free meals. The man flashed his ticket to lounge staff at the Shaanxi province airport before his trip, ate a meal just like any first class traveller and instead of getting on the flight he would change his flight’s departure to another day. The next day he would show up with his newly issued ticket for the revised date, eat and then again change his ticket date. He did this over and over again. China Eastern Airlines officials only recently figured out the man’s scheme after noticing his single ticket being re-booked 300 times over one year. Airline officials admitted there was nothing they could do to stop the frequent diner. The freeloader ended up cashing in his fully refundable ticket and getting back all his money.

Xi'an First Class Lounge

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I think my last two weeks in Topeka might have been even more unique than some of my recent trips overseas. Here are some of the more interesting things I learned:

1) The fields at MacLennan Park at Cedar Crest actually has visible historic ruts or swales, made by the wheels of countless wagons traveling the Oregon Trail more than 150 years ago that are still visible.

Topeka14 Topeka15 Topeka16 Topeka17

2)During a major snow storm…everyone in town goes to Outback, it was packed!



3) The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is the only unit of the national park system named after a U.S. Supreme Court case. Monroe Elementary School, one of the four segregated elementary schools for African American children in Topeka, is still standing and maintains those mini water fountains and elementary school smell.

Topeka1 Topeka2

4) No need to fly anywhere, in six days the temperature can increase 74 degrees!

Topeka06 Topeka27

5) The best BBQ in Topeka is located within a trailer park. Lonnie Q’s is by far the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

Topeka07 Topeka08

6) A 64 oz fish bowl is only $5 more than a 32 oz.


7) You can’t bring guns into public buildings.


8) Karaoke at Applebee’s is the place to be on Thursday nights. No joke…everyone heads here by 10 and there’s a huge line to get your chance at the mic.


9) Kansas is Oz-Some.


10) There are .99 cent margaritas on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday


11) Even the Italian restaurant has drink specials including $2 Italian Margs.


12) Wild Horse Saloon – Where Topeka Plays at Night! They also have $1 drinks on Weds, including any well drinks …Jack & Ketel included and it’s naughty school girl night.

Topeka30 Topeka31 Topeka32 Topeka40

…oh and this goes on

13) My favorite BBQ in Kansas City was Oklahoma Joe’s, located at the Shamrock gas station

Topeka36 Topeka37

14) Eat Beef



Topeka25 Topeka24 Topeka19 Topeka21 Topeka22

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Been to Japan? You’ll totally appreciate this list. Planning a trip? Get excited the BuzzFeed rundown is so accurate!

Banana Vending Machine Giant Robots Pyramid Watermelons Grandparents

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A new Lufthansa A320-200 from Stockholm to Frankfurt diverted to Copenhagen last week when passengers detected a strange odor on board. The Telegraph reports that “fearing for the aircraft’s safety, the Lufthansa crew opted to divert to the Danish capital, landing 15 minutes later, and the 129 passengers on board were rebooked onto alternative flights. However, a check by maintenance staff determined that the odour had originated from a recently installed carpet.”

This isn’t the first strange diversion over the last twelve months. Others have included a pilot wanting to make a stop for her favorite food, “explicit” in-flight movies, and an out of control bachelor party. More details on these in the Telegraph

Related – United Flight Diverts on Passenger Overhead Movie Concern

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Depressed about the no notification American AAdvantage devaluation? While we ridiculously continue to wait for details on which partners are impacted by the newly imposed international fuel surcharges, here’s another Wednesday countdown. Today’s countdown comes from the Courier Mail and lists the 10 Worst Types of Passengers:

  • People with uncontrollable kids (Parentus Slapdashii)
  • Seat recliners (Reclinus Maximus)
  • Smelly people (Smellus Incredibilus)
  • Arm rest hogs (Armrest Grabbis)
  • Chatty passengers (Chatticus Majorus)
  • People who always need the bathroom (Bladder Incredibilus)
  • People with too much carry-on luggage (Carry-on Greedicus)
  • Reading-light enthusiasts (High-and-Mighticus)
  • People who pace the cabin or stretch too often (DVT-Avoidus)
  • Window seat hogs who close the window shade before take off (Window Hoggus)

Smelly Seatmate Survival Tips
Proper Etiquette for Middle Seat Armrests…and other economy survival tips
Unruly Passenger on KEF-JFK Flight Restrained & Gagged with Duct Tape…picture and all
…and I thought some of my seatmates were gross

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Pacers center Roy Hibbert did his best to squeeze his 7′ 2″ frame into the bathroom on a flight Thursday night, later sharing the results via his Instagram account… tall people problems

Roy Hibbert


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Skyscanner conducted a survey of 700 international cabin crew members from 83 countries to find out the strangest items left on-board. Here are just a few of the most random items that cabin crew listed:

  • Live parrot
  • Glass eye
  • Prosthetic leg
  • A bag of sand
  • One shoe
  • Wedding dress
  • Bag of diamonds
  • Toupee
  • Handcuffs
  • Underwear
  • Written marriage proposal

Check out the full list at Skyscanner here.

More interestingly, the survey noted that important items are left on board too. Almost a quarter (24%) of crew have found a lost passport on board, which is even higher than the number of phones (23%) and books (21%) left behind.


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Have you ever entered an outrageous request in the special request section of a hotel reservation screen? As has been heavily reported the last few days, Dustin Wray of New Braunfels, Texas, booked a room for himself and his girlfriend and decided to do just that:

“Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon on the bed. I love pictures of bacon.”

Wray told CNN, “I figured real bacon would be too hard to come by. I wrote it so that if they saw it they would laugh because it was stupid but also make it feasible if they actually wanted to fulfill it.”

Well, this is what he saw when he arrived…

“I saw the three red M&M’s there and it honestly confused me. I was staring at them thinking this is weird. And then my girlfriend started laughing at the picture on the bed and I turned around and looked and that’s when it all clicked.”

Dustin was so surprised that he forgot to leave a tip for the staff who had worked to fulfill his request. However, he later shared his story on Reddit, and the hotel is now receiving national press.

What’s your crazy request…besides an upgrade to the best possible room???

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On a flight from Europe last week my colleague commented on how gross it was that people were going shoeless to the bathroom, wearing only their airline issued socks.  He’s new to international travel and hadn’t yet had the pleasure of witnessing the business class bathroom “walk of shame”.  Similarly, when I began my heavy international traveling about six years ago, I too was surprised by the otherwise well mannered business passenger’s bathroom etiquette.

I would never wear my own socks into the bathroom, but with the amenity kit provided socks the line isn’t so clear… put them on for the flight, wear them, and then take them off  and trash them at the end of the flight (without touching the bottoms)? What say you???

Do You Go Shoeless?

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