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Two Piece Bikinis Uniform of Choice for this Airline, CEO Becomes First Female Billionaire

VietJet Air says it’s empowering young females in Vietnam by allowing them to choose between a traditional uniform and a two piece bikini. According to the airline’s female CEO: “The sight of these young ladies strutting their stuff is a powerful one amidst Vietnam’s conservative culture.” The approach seems to be working from a monetary standpoint…

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Ryanair Will Start Charging for Some Online Check-Ins, Airline Says Customers Wanted That

Ryanair's Boeing 737-800 Cabin. Photo by Ruthann, used with permission.

Ryanair, the low-cost carrier based in Dublin, has announced that they will shorten the window of free online check-in. Starting November 1, 2016, customers who wish to check-in online more than 4 days in advance will be charged a £6 (~$7.36) fee. Previously, Ryanair has allowed free online check-in up to 7 days in advance. To be honest, I…

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