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1 in 3 Chinese Tourist Packs Instant Ramen When Traveling…What Snack Do You Pack?

1 in 3 Chinese tourist pack their own instant ramen when traveling

This week is “Golden Week,” the 7-day holiday around October 1, which is China’s National Day. Golden Week was implemented in year 2000, and is one of the busiest travel seasons for mainland Chinese tourists. This week, a whopping 589 million Chinese citizens will be traveling in mainland China, with another 6 million going abroad. This translates into about US$70 billion…

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Snapchat’s New Sunglasses Let You Live Your Life AND Record It at the Same Time

SEvan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, wearing Spectacles. Photo by the WSJ.

If there is one complaint that many people have about “people these days,” is that they are more obsessed with recording their lives than actually living it. You see that in concerts, where half the audience have their phones up. You see that at restaurants, where the cameras eat first. I know I’m guilty of that; heck, I…

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Is He The Worst Museum Visitor Ever?

A video posted by the National Watch & Clock Museum on their YouTube channel shows a tourist inspecting a clock far too closely. Over Memorial Day long weekend, the man took photos, then repeatedly touched a wooden, sculpted clock until it ended up crashing onto the floor.   The museum staff captioned the video: “Please Don’t Touch!! This is…

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