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Airlines are Now Stocking “Fire Containment Bags” for Smartphones

Fire containment bags for electronic devices

After incidents of smartphones overheating and smoking onboard, airlines are taking actions to prepare for any future incidents. In early September, foreign airlines began banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after multiple reports of the phone’s battery overheating and exploding. Shortly after, FAA made an official statement regarding the device, urging passengers not to use,…

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WOW: “Dream Jet” is the Dreamliner 787 Turned Private Jet

Dream Jet Bathroom

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a pretty fantastic airplane, and many airlines made a big deal when they first got it. The giant windows, noise-reducing chevrons on engines, and a cabin pressure that equates to a lower altitude…all of these features make for a much improved ride. Kestrel Aviation Management recently turned one of the 787 Dreamliner…

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Cathay Pacific Partnering with Park Hyatts for In-Flight Meals…Even in Coach!

This is truly exciting, since my favorite airline and my favorite hotel chain are coming together for this new partnership! Cathay Pacific just announced that they are partnering with chefs from Grand Hyatt Hong Kong along with five Park Hyatt properties around the world to create in-flight meals for all classes. That’s right—you will be…

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Do you Need to Have a Valid Passport In-hand to Purchase an International Air Ticket?

The other day a client informed me that she would have to wait a few more days to complete the purchase of an international air travel reservation in connection to a trip PMM Travel Consulting was helping her plan. She did not provide an explanation. I don’t usually inquire further when a client says something like…

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