No Surprise, Delta Announces Huge Profit from Purchased Upgrades for Business Travelers

Much to the chagrin of Delta Medallions, Delta’s Q417 earnings call on Thursday revealed just how profitable those purchased upgrades are. Delta president Glen Hauenstein bragged that the domestic upgrade revenue stream is “extremely strong and growing fast”. Not only that, he hypothesized that the majority of growth is coming from business travelers who are using…

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Is Lufthansa Getting a New Livery?

A 747 sporting a 1970s Lufthansa livery. Source: Lufthansa Magazin

An aircraft livery helps set an airline apart on a crowded apron, and is often a canvas that projects an image associated to a certain brand or even country. Some airlines opt for super colorful livery (e.g. Southwest), some choose to put out many variations (e.g. JetBlue, Frontier), while some want them to be almost…

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RIP Virgin America, Carrier Begins Using Alaska Call Sign. We’ll Miss These Quirks Forever

Virgin America officially stopped operating under its “Redwood” call sign today, instead transitioning to Alaska’s “Alaska” sign. In the eyes of the FAA, that makes Virgin America and Alaska one airline. You’ll still see Virgin America plans for quite a bit longer, but today marks the official end of Virgin America 🙁 Slowly but surely,…

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