Say What? Overheard on the Plane Edition 28 – Crazy Things Passengers Say to Flight Attendants

Welcome to another Saturday edition of Overheard on the Plane! Here we go…

Submitted by Julie G

US Airways flight from Phoenix, AZ (PHX) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
A boy approx 6 years old was sobbing uncontrollably a few rows behind my seat.  The gentleman sitting next to me leans over and says, ” I guess he just found out you have to pay for wi-fi.”  He quietly sits back and on we go.

Submitted by Aiden in Newport Beach, CA

These are from a flight attendant blog I read called Sara is the flying mama. She did a post called Crazy Things Passengers Say to Flight Attendants:

  • Kim: I had a lady ring her call bell and ask me how to roll the window down…SERIOUSLY!! I had to hold in my reaction. I asked another flight attendant to go help the lady, as I couldn’t. We laughed about that one the rest of the flight!!
  • Terry: A man asked if my mother knew what I did for a living??? I said yes..His reply……..She knows you walk around looking at crotches?! (I was doing seat belt check).
  • Stacey: A passenger’s kid throws up ALL OVER THE PLACE and ME, then looks at me and asks ” who do I see to get my cleaning voucher ” .. Can’t make this stuff up people!
  • Tina: I had a passenger ask me “what is that pin on your uniform?” I told him it was an alumni pin from Temple University, which is where I went. He went on to say how he’s heard that it’s a good school, etc. and then said “If one of my kids would have gone to a four year college and became a stewardess I’d kill them.” I said, I went to college for an education, not job training.
  • Lisa: I had a creepy passenger that I had to ask to stop drinking his duty free booze tell me at the end of the flight, as he was deplaning, “thank you for everything sweetheart. I have a special place for you in my basement”. WTH!!!!
  • Doug: Several years ago, I had a young guy (who I believe had been partying too much) ask me if he could borrow my deodorant. Even though he really needed some, I didn’t oblige!
  • Nellie: I told a passenger who was holding his garment bag that he needed to stow it. He said, “If it was a baby you’d let me hold it.”
  • Amy: On today’s flight to Belfast, a customer asked me to help her locate her missing tooth in her luggage. When I refused to get into her bag and search for her missing tooth, she has asked the captain for a complaint letter!
  • Gayle: In September, working a flight from AMS to IAD, a woman wanted to know if we had SHOES for sale onboard. We were all about ready to sell her our inflights (shoes) for the right price!
  • Elizabeth: I had a woman in first class take off her pants in the aisle (though she was standing next to the lav) and ask me to hang them up for her, while she stood there in her pantyhose!
  • Pat: I had a man ask me if then plane was going to stop at the “Sky Mall” on this flight.

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  1. Ciudad de Mexico, linea aerea,Mexicana de aviacion . Empezamos el abordaje el vuelo seria MEX. LAS siempre hay gente prepotente y tonta, voy caminando desde el galley trasero hacia la puerta delantera , en un 757 , cuando una senora de mucha clase me empieza a llamar a gritos desesperados ” joven joven una mosca esta ahi parada en el techo ” a la cual yo le conteste , ” no se preocupe ahora mismo le informo al capitan ” despues de que le di la espalda para continuar mi camino hacia el galley, escuche al menos una docena de risas !

  2. I had a passenger ring his call button. When I approached him he asked me where were the lines and pointed out of the window. I said what lines? He said the ones that separate the states.

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