‘Tis the Season…Two Citi AA Cards Finally Approved!!!

The last time I successfully received a sign-up bonus for a Citibank AAdvantage personal card it was February 2010, about 34 months ago! I must have been on Citi’s unofficial deny list, as FlyerTalk and MilePoint members generally report receiving approval 18-20 months after their last successful application. I applied at the 20 month mark with no luck and then again at the 26 month mark, also with no success and the dreaded step 3 application acknowledgment page. Well, I decided to give it another shot a few weeks ago as it sort of became an unofficial churn day.

I used the two browser trick and applied simultaneously for the 50k Visa and AMEX cards. Holiday season success! Immediate approvals on both applications. Update – The two browser trick has officially died 🙁  However, you can still earn 50K per card and another 50K for the business edition. 

Some data points:

  • Time since last successful Citi AA personal application – Approximately 34 months.
  • Credit Score – Just shy of 800
  • Links Used – I used the unofficial links which provide better offers than the public links. AAdvantage Visa Signature – 50K miles after $2,500 spend in 4 months and AAdvantage American Express – 50k miles and two Admiral’s Club passes after $2,500 spend in 4 months. Both cards waive the annual fee for the first year. UPDATE – AMEX link is dead, but consider the Business Visa edition for 50K more miles. Additionally, the FT link above has another AMEX offer for 45k miles after $5,000 in purchases within the first 4 months
  • Browsers Used – One Chrome window (in private mode) and one Firefox window (in private mode).
  • Remember personal cards generally require 18-20 months and business cards 90 days since your last successful application. You will be denied if you apply for 3 or more cards in 60 days or 2 or more business cards in 90 days. If using the two browser trick for 2 personal cards, wait at least 60 days before applying for the business card.

One other interesting bit of news, I had a friend apply at the same time and both the VISA and AMEX applications got stuck at step 3 – application acknowledged. However, a chat box popped up asking if we wanted to discuss the application with a Citi representative. The representative asked us to confirm the home address and income and without any other questions immediately approved the application (they can only do one application per chat session).  The same chat box popped up for the other application and after confirming the security questions, that one was approved as well. I’m not sure if the representatives are actually empowered to make decisions and approve applications (like the Chase reconsideration lines), however it certainly was easier than having to call Citi to discuss the applications.

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  1. Very nice! I may have to try this as I just status matched to AA Exp Plat and need to start racking up the miles in accounts besides United and Hilton

  2. Just used the “unofficial” links also last week. Both cards arrived Saturday and I confirmed the 50K bonus on both. I’ve never applied for the AA cards before and I also have a credit score of about 800. Long term goal: business class round trip ATL-SYD. This will get me a good chunk of the miles!

    • @Jason – Congrats, yes just add a AA business card in a few months and you’ll have enough! Next step, finding availability!

  3. Congrats, I just did the same cards for my wife last week. She got approved instantly and we used safari broswer on both. Got the cards in just a few days. Can’t wait to hit the spend on the cards and get the 100000 miles 🙂

  4. Is the relevant interval concerned with date of approval or membership? I.e. If I currently have a Citi AA Amex card received over 4 years ago, can I apply for a different Citi AA product now and reasonably expect to get approved?

    • @Ethan – the relevant date should be your approval date. My dad loves his original AA card from 10+ years ago and has never gotten rid of it. He has still successfully applied for the other AA cards without a problem.

      • I have almost the same question, I already have a Citi AAdvantage world master card, which was approved 6 months ago, can I apply for these new citi aadvantage cards now and get the bonus?

        • @Peter Tang – Unfortunately you can’t. That one AA MC that you received 6 months ago means that you are unable to apply for any other personal Citi AA cards for at least 18-20 months. You can however apply for the Citi AA Business card. The limitation is a reason why many apply for 2 personal cards on the same day.

          • @Peter Tang- No problem, you can check out the business card here. It gives you 50k miles after $3,000 in purchases within the first 4 months, 2 AC passes, and a $150 statement credit for the first eligible AA purchase made within 12 months.

    • @Amit – They were closed, though there are reports of approvals regardless of current cards as long as the last application date was no earlier than 18-20 months AND there is still enough available credit for Citi to approve the application.

  5. That chat feature worked for me, too, last week for 2 ThankYou Preferred, it is a nice new tool, last year when I did 2 AA I lost out on the Amex because could not get anyone on the phone to process it same-day.

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