20 Random Travel Facts You Didn’t Know

France is the most visited country in the world? Bibles are outlawed in the Maldives? Passengers are expected to ride in the front seat of taxis in Australia? Check out theChive’s full list of 20 random travel facts.

…and in case you’re wondering, Bibles can “generally” be brought into the Maldives. The US Department of State advisory for the Maldives states “Although Maldivian law prohibits importing “idols for religious worship,” tourists traveling to the resort islands are generally allowed to bring in items and texts used for personal religious observances.”

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  1. The Maldives constitution shouldn’t make this a surprise. Proselytization targeting its citizens is illegal, much as has been the case there for many hundreds of years since their Buddhist king decided to convert and get all his subjects to turn.

    Foreigner’s personal religious items there are not commonly seized upon discovery, absent a suspicion the possessions will be either used for proselytization or be left behind. In Saudi Arabia, they are commonly seized upon discovery regardless of how the item will be used. Quite the difference at least in practice.

  2. I did know about riding in the front seat of Australian taxis… from being asked to ride in the front seat of an Australian taxi when I landed in Sydney, which felt very odd being an American. Then it felt odd returning to the States after two weeks Down Under and riding in the back of the cab. 🙂

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