The New AA to Tel Aviv from JFK and MIA?

exMiami, a website “chronicling Miami’s Transformation” reports that a well-placed source at US Airways confirms that American will add flights to Tel Aviv from both Miami and New York’s JFK airport. Now, even-though this was posted by an administrator of the site, I tend to doubt that the yet to merge carrier has already decided on new routes and that they would share such information with exMiami. In any case, it’s not too much of a stretch as I do believe that the new AA will be adding additional Tel Aviv flights in the future and JFK/Miami would certainly make sense based on demographics. Additionally, Delta, United, and US are bringing in huge profits with their TLV routes. Of course, AA will have to figure out how to settle their severance dispute with the previous TWA Israeli employees in order to avoid an impounded jet in Tel Aviv.

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  1. American does not have a plane suitable for the MIA-TLV. The only one that can make it that far is a 777 and I doubt that the load factor will permit such venture.

    Sounds more like JFK-TLV.

          • @adam – I have not seen that specific article, but I have seen the coverage of the FAA allowing Boeing to begin test flights and whatnot. Quite frankly, I would put absolutely no stock whatsoever in anything Boeing might say about when the 787 will fly again. I think that a good part of, if not all of, what they say about this will be for marketing and PR purposes. When the FAA and it’s counterparts in other countries allow the 787 to fly passengers again, that’s different. But I think Boeing is engaging in CYA with the majority of their comments.

  2. In the US court system that would be correct. The court system in Israel would not be required to recognize that discharge of obligation. Remember, this claim stems from the fact that TWA needed to pay large severance packages, but only offered a few thousand dollars per employee, and they were sued in Israel.



  3. @Jason the 767-200ER could make MIA-TLV very comfortably. AFAIK, they’re being retired soon, but MIA-TLV could be a very profitable route, so it’s possible that could work for them until they receive 787s…

  4. @Jason, based on previous flights I’ve been on to TLV,as well as LY’s previous MIA-TLV flight, I’m quite positive that the 777 could fill up.

  5. Doesn’t u.s. airways fly a330’s? I’m sure that has the range, and its seems like the perfect aircraft for a mia-tlv route.

  6. I dont believe that the new AA will pay off the debts that the old AA owe due to taking over TWA. After all AA all along could have paid it off yrs ago when it would have been cheaper (less interest accumulating) and didnt.

    Yea US makes a nice buck on the PHL-TLV route, but unless the Israeli Union and Courts let AA off the hook (I dont see that happening) I just dont see the new AA flying in once the 2 Carriers are 1, as they for sure will have the plane held and possibly sold to offset the debts owed. The profit from the route wont justify paying the millions owed

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